camera object

  1. AiNaKa

    Legacy GM Struggling with camera object and views

    So I wanted to try and make the view move dynamically between "subrooms". I created this system for subrooms, where when a player collides with a specific object, it will define the subroom, and a seperate object will define the dimensions of said subroom within the room. The camera object is...
  2. 1

    [SOLVED] How do I change the object that a camera follows?

    This is just a question since I can't figure out how to do it anywhere else. So for a game I want the camera to zoom in on another object, but I can't figure out how to do it. Thanks in advance!
  3. NeZvers

    Legacy GM Disabling fullscreen and resizing window = white screen

    I made my camera object based on Pixelated Pope system and I made it so when max resize is set it switches fullscreen on and next resize is smallest again with disabled fullscreen and that's creating white screen for 1-2 seconds. P.s. maybe someone can explain bonus question - why need empty...
  4. T

    GMS 2 Black Screen when using a Camera object

    Up until now in my project, I've just been using the built-in room Camera and Viewport 0, following my Player object. As I start adding more advanced things like a HUD and dialog boxes, I'd like to have more control over my camera, so I set out to watch a tutorial from Shaun Spalding on how to...