camera movement smooth

  1. gibsonfan2332

    GMS 2 Rotating and Moving the Camera View to the Player Object. Jittering/shaking Sprites

    I am attempting to make a top down game with a boat/ship and the camera stays above/behind the players boat. I currently have a camera object that is locked on to the player object so that the player stays in the middle of the view. Basically when I turn the ship, the whole room is turning on...
  2. Pixelated_Pope

    GMS 2 GMS2 Cameras: As simple as possible

    GM Version: GMS2! Target Platform: All Download: see video Summary: A quick video that shows you how to get cameras working in GMS2 with as little effort as possible. Tutorial: Here's a link to the resolution series I mention in the video.
  3. 2mato

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Why my code doesn't work - camera movement

    Hi all, I'm trying to make a smooth camera movement between room sections, right button work fine, left button work fine but the middle button work only when the camera on the first section, what I'm doing wrong? any help? Thanks.