1. @

    Android / Amazon Fire App keeps storing cached ADs, stuffing phone's storage and causing crash

    Hey guys, I'm having a quite big issue with my Android app using IronSource extension. It is storing cached video ADs on a phone's storage and using more and more phone's storage, longer the app is running, causing the app to crash eventually. Is there a way to restrict how much GMS2 project...
  2. PHL

    Android / Amazon Fire How can I make a XAPK file?

    How can I make a XAPK file? By my understanding, a XAPK file is a file that contains an APK file and the external resources used by the game. They are all combined into a single file, which is the XAPK file. In this way, the game APK is not separate from its "cache" (external) files. How does...
  3. J

    Clear cache in gamemaker 8.1

    Is there a way to clear the cache in gamemaker 8.1?
  4. RyanC

    Android / Amazon Fire Clear Cache at Runtime

    Hi All, does anyone know if Game Maker can remove files from the cache at run-time. I have too much data building up with cached ads and would like to remove this once every 5 sessions.
  5. E

    Audio won't play in the game.

    I've been using Gamemaker 1.4 for a while now but I've run into an issue that I haven't encountered in any of my other projects. I'm using wav files for sounds within the game but they don't play at all anymore when I run the game. In the code I'm using "audio_play_sound()" and the new audio...
  6. LestradeTGQ

    Mac OSX Game not rendering in macOS / asset cache issue

    Hey folks! I'm running GMS2 in macOS Sierra (10.12.1) on the following hardware (not my primary machine, obviously): MacBook Air (11-inch, Mid 2013) 1.7 GHz i7 8GB RAM 512GB SSD At no point have I been able to run my game, which uses objects that utilize blend modes, successfully. A...
  7. Velocity

    GameMaker Taking Up Too Much Space - Delete Files?

    Hey, For a while now, I've been wondering if GameMaker was taking up all the space on my computer, because I kept running out of space and had to delete precious files to make room on it. So I downloaded this program called Wiztree, which basically tells you WHERE all the data on your PC is...
  8. G

    Question - Code "Failed writing textures out - clear asset cache" x 2... and strange behavior

    I am starting to get the error message "Failed writing textures out - clear asset cache and try again" message frequently. This can happen even when I haven't edited a sprite but merely changed a sprite name. More oddly, sometimes I have to clean twice, which makes absolutely no sense. This...
  9. Ricardo

    HTML5 I need to "clean" the project all the time

    Hi there, While I am working in my project in GMS2 ( testing in HTML5, I've noticed that the textures get messed up quite frequently, forcing me to press the "Clean" button to flush the compiler cache. In GMS 1.4, the clean button were usually necessary when adding/removing assets. In...
  10. S

    The relation between image sprites and Memory / size of games

    Research: The relation between image sprites and Memory / size of games Software verson: I use GM8.0 to test but this feature is available to ALL version Viewpoint: The memory occupy of the image sprites in GM only relevants to the dimension(width and height,eg 100X120.NOT sizes, eg 12KB) of...
  11. R

    GS:2 Audio File Not Found in Cache

    Trying to follow the simple beginner tutorial here At 2:30 - did exactly as he did, same logic, etc (screen cap provided) No sound whatsoever when playing game, this error showing in the Output window...
  12. RyanC

    Legacy GM Long Pause When Compiling Game

    Hi everyone, Does anyone get a long pause when compiling their game? GMS says compile started and then sometimes stops halfway through the sprites being loaded. It seems to replace the the loading bar with a picture of it while this is happening. GMS 1.4.1763 (latest Stable Version)...
  13. D

    Android / Amazon Fire Custom Android Java Compilation and File functions

    Hi I am trying to implement a "wakelock" or "sceenon" flag in my android app however it seems both of these need to be implemented in the main activity. I have tried adding these in extensions, but because they aren't running on the main activity, no luck. You can see all the actual java files...