1. Poking Pug

    Any way to use C/C++ code with GM:Studio v1.4 or v2??

    Hi! Basically the question is self-explanatory: GM:S has been using its proprietary language from the beginning, which has changed a bit over the years, but it's clear that it is not using regular C/C++/JavaScript/Delphi/etc. syntax, it's a mix of them with some personal touches. All I want to...
  2. D

    Question - Code Writing extensions

    Hello, GM community. I would like to know if it is possible to write native extensions in e.g. Windows DLLs to augment the GML system. If so, how can I start? Can someone point me examples in C/C++, C# or whatever other language supported? Thank you!
  3. Paskaler

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] DLL: LoadLibraryA failed with code 126

    I started meddling with DLL files recently as I need them in my project. I followed a couple tutorials, but this error keeps popping up, and I have no idea why. Here's a screen of the GML code I'm using for testing: This is pretty much the way it was done in all the tutorials. I have read in...
  4. TheStolenBattenberg

    Alpha MAEngine - Community 3D Engine

    MAEngine has been under development for two years now, as a closed community project; headed by me, TickleForce (Venomous on the old GMC forums), and Falki147. Due to time limitations (I'm getting married now, and I think the others have left for other game development tools and school), I'm...
  5. Samuel Venable

    Windows Return HWND? (C++)

    Is it possible with casting or some other method to return an HWND in a GameMaker DLL function? For example, a WinAPI FindWindow() function wrapper. It would be pretty useless if it couldn't return anything readable by GM. For example... C++: HWND window_find(char *class_name,char...
  6. J

    Windows [UPDATES] DLL Example - CityGm

    Follow the development: https://www.facebook.com/SimCitySNESClone/ Hey GM community. I don't post often on the community, but I've been working with game maker for over 15 years and in the last year I've started a computer science degree through Oregon State University. Probably like you I...
  7. H

    [SOLVED]C++ Win32 help GM Extension

    I'm looking to get some help from some of the more advanced members on the forums. Just to start off, I know that this isn't exactly a GML question. It's actually a question regarding Win32 and the function DragQueryFile. I was given the green-light to post this here from Nocturne since the...
  8. L

    Legacy GM c++

    what if I code some function in c++ and have game maker read its output, will it be faster than just coding it in gamemaker? (example, a while loop checking for a value in a 100x100 array) after all, isn't game maker slow, and c++ really fast?
  9. babyjeans

    GMS 2 C++ Extensions Header?

    I've been writing some C++ based DLLs and noticed in other forum posts / documentation online that there's a "RunnerJNILib" for the Android version which has some useful functions - like the ability to create a DSMap from the plugin. Is there a header file for a similar set of functions to be...
  10. L

    Legacy GM Instance Nearest that has a certain property?

    How can I create a function to find the Enemy that is nearest to the player that has a certain property? for example , Instance nearest enemy that has health<=50 so far what I have in mind is, creating an array (size doesn't matter as long as its bigger total number of enemys) and then...
  11. L

    GML Efficiency

    So i've been taking a c++ class for about a month now. I've learned a whole lot and am trying to program more efficiently in GM now. currently i am coding an enemy AI and i have to ask what is faster? Using built in functions to calculate distance or angles, or doing it myself with math? For...
  12. gitwalrus

    GML to GLSL compiler?

    I found a C++ to GLSL (shader language) compiler. I have no idea how well it works or if it works at all... Anyways you can compile GML to C++. This tool claims to compile C++ to GLSL. So could you in theory make GML run as a shader? It would probably be so slow that even a simple pass through...
  13. E

    Connect C++ App with my Game

    Hello, I want to create c++ app which will get some input from user and then transfer that data to my game. Then my game will recognize that data and store it into variables. For example in c++ I want to write : myGame().x = 5; And in gamemaker I already declared that variable X. Can you help...
  14. D

    Android Compile error with particles

    Android/Fire YYC fails to compile with functions related to particles like: part_particles_create() or part_emitter_burst(). Error: linking libyoyo.so -g -target armv5te-none-linux-androideabi -Wl,-soname,"C:\Users\zbrma\AppData\Local\gm_ttt_7575\gm_ttt_95389\lib\armeabi\libyoyo.so" -shared...
  15. S

    Question - IDE C++?

    When installing GMS2, I noticed it also came with a Visual Studio C++ package of some sort. Does this mean we can now use C++ along with/instead of GML? I didn't have a lot of time to mess around with it last night so I couldn't look into it much.
  16. Samuel Venable

    [C++] Working Non-Async *.DLL Call?

    Hello community. I've noticed using non-async functions like WaitForSingleObject() and system() in a *.DLL can make the Windows Runner crash, if it is waiting on a process to close, and the user tries to click on or interact with the main game window. I reported this as a bug on the YYG...
  17. W

    Windows URI Schemes in GameMaker (C++)

    Hi all I'm trying to develop a simple DLL that lets you create a URI scheme for your game. I started working on this because GameMaker currently lacks an easy way to get data from a website into a game, but with URI scheme support that would become a lot easier. However, I'm pretty new to C++...
  18. I

    My SQL/ PHP - Paying $100-$300

    I want someone to help me to use MySQL function on Game Maker Studio (1.4.1757). In detail, the functions i need is: - Login (ID/Password) - Send Player data into MySQL table (Such as Name/ Gold/ Inventory....) You need to teach me how to create a table myself or at least modify it - Sending/...
  19. Fishman1175

    Windows passing buffer_get_address() to DLL causes c++ System.AccessViolationException

    Hello, I'm guessing a developer or higher up might need to comment on this. I'm trying to pass the pointer of a buffer I create in GM to my C++ DLL. Now, the help docs say that this can be passed to be used in extensions. Here is the gml code...