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  1. EvanSki

    SOLVED Need help with Resizing Swap chain, V-sync error, maybe an issue with .DLL?

    Alright so This is what im doing, I have a .dll that allows me to access and call windows OS functions, displaying popups, opening and closing the cd tray, ect.. When I call the cd tray to open or close, Game maker hangs and pauses until the cd tray is ready for a command. notice how the...
  2. R

    GMS 2.3+ Extension function not properly reading string return value from .dll

    Hi all. I'm having some trouble with a pathfinding extension I'm trying to write. The first real function of the extension that I'm trying to test out is the function to make the grid object for pathfinding, and I figured that I could cast a pointer to the object into a string and pass that back...
  3. mbeytekin

    SOLVED Sending a surface or buffer to a C++ DLL and getting processed image from it to a surface or buffer back

    I'm trying to send a surface to dll and process it in DLL, and after this get this processed image back. I tried send surface as buffer (argument as double) but it's not working. My mean goal is using opencv library in C++. Anyone can help please ?
  4. Bawat

    Windows Asynchronous C++ DLL Extension creation in Eclipse

    GM Version: GameMaker Studio Target Platform: Windows Only Download: https://www.bawat.net/downloads/GameMakerStudioResources/DLLExampleUsage.yyz Links: https://forum.yoyogames.com/index.php?threads/getting-started-with-c-dll-extension-creation-in-eclipse.73728/ Links...
  5. Bawat

    GMS 2 Getting started with C++ DLL Extension creation in Eclipse

    With the aim of getting improved performance, I set out on the odyssey to create a .DLL extension in C++. With no up to date resources on how to get this set up properly, and little memory of C++ it took me 2 days to get GMS2 and the DLL to communicate. The two goals of this guide and it's...
  6. Sammi3

    Should Dlls always return a value?

    I wasted perhaps almost half a day trying to debug my dll crashing (I even built a tool during that time that can compile GameMaker projects from the terminal so that I could run my game from vscode so that I could attach a debugger to see what was happening in the dll). The return value in...
  7. Sammi3

    Using a GameMaker Texture in a DirectX11 dll

    I have a dll that uses directx11 and I wanted to get a texture (sprite_get_texture, surface_get_texture, ...) as an ID3D11ShaderResourceView so that it can be manipulated on the dll side. Is this possible? I thought those functions gave us pointers to a directx resource or are they a local...
  8. Sammi3

    Casting D3DX11Device from os_get_info into valid data type

    I wanted to cast the D3DX11Device and D3DX11Context from the map provided by os_get_info into the correct type using the correct formating. On the C++ side, I currently have my dll setup as follows: fn_export double Init(void* dx11Device, void* dx11Context, void* windowHwnd) { //Cast void...
  9. Edwin

    GML How to add C++ functions into GameMaker using dll's?

    Hello, I want to use one of the functions from c++ that returns the string. Is this possible and how do I do that? Sadly but I couldn't find any good tutorials about making c++ dll extensions for GM:S.
  10. vdweller

    GMS 2 Putting a n-bytes C++ value in a buffer for GM to read

    Hi all! I am working on a C++ dll's ability to return a char array. My first question is: The template specifies a return type of char pointer . Is there a problem if the function returns an unsigned char pointer? I did some tests and it seems like it has no problem, but maybe it won't be OK...
  11. kraifpatrik

    GMS 2 Custom C++ in YYC without DLLs

    Hello everyone, recently I got into going through C++ source files generated by YYC, trying to get some understanding of how GameMaker works behind the hood. I'm putting this together and sharing with you in hopes to pontentially enable the community to make custom tools that could improve the...
  12. kraifpatrik

    GMS 2 Optimizing code for YYC

    Hey everyone, yesterday I started fiddling around with C++ files generated by YYC (the path to the files can be found in the console upon start of running the project with YYC, for me it was C:\Users\kraif\AppData\Roaming\GameMakerStudio2\Cache\GMS2CACHE) and I found that there are situations...
  13. K

    Legacy GM Using Shader Scripts[SOLVED]

    i search internet for an appropriate shader tutorial begginer to advance, in game maker, almost nothing, people ruined internet, so i forced to get a 24 Hour Course in udemy about (How to programming Opengl with c++) can that tutorial help me write a shader in game maker ? or opengl is writting...
  14. L

    GML drawing live video to surface? ( need help from CS wizards )

    Hello everybody im currently working on a project and want to know if it is somehow possible to write some kind of dll that will allow gms2 to receive some kind of video input as a surface. perhaps im too ignorant about this subject and im asking something next to impossible. my current...
  15. Furkan Karabudak

    Linux [MAYBE SOLVED]• How can I use .SO files ?

    Actually there are a few questions that I want to ask. EDIT : I got the answer to the first two questions in another forum. I just need help with the third question. 1• I don't know much about Linux. .so files on Linux = .dll files on Windows, is it correct ? I mean, does both types of files...
  16. N

    Legacy GM [EDITED}

    I think i am going to see if there is some built - in alternatives that GM:S 1.4 has.
  17. S

    I want to add 128-bit floats to GML with C++, where do I start?

    Hello, I want to add this: https://www.boost.org/doc/libs/1_67_0/libs/multiprecision/doc/html/boost_multiprecision/tut/floats/float128.html to GML, for Windows, Linux and MacOS. I'm not pretty sure what is possible and what is not with extensions yet, if someone could guide me a little bit I'd...
  18. H

    C++ Plugin Menu for GM2 editor

    Hey guys is that possible to create a dll to work directly in GM2 like a custom Menu ( e.g. File, Edit, Build). I know c++ I just need know where is the SDK docs or some template project. I just found this video, but its not that I want Thank you!
  19. Samuel Venable

    [SOLVED] MFC/VB6 in GameMaker?

    This is a two-part question since both have to do with MFC, (though only the latter has to do with VB6). 1) Can I write a NON-ActiveX DLL and use that as an extension for GameMaker: Studio (using MFC)? I tried doing this and the DLL didn't seem to be recognized by GMS. This could be just...
  20. Samuel Venable

    [SOLVED] C++ Extension Writing: Return UTF-8 Encoding?

    I'm writing an update for most of my extensions to support UTF-8 encoding on Windows. So far so good, I got several functions working with UTF-8, because I'm converting the char * arguments to WCHAR before using them. There is a roadblock however. One of my functions has a return value that...