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  1. Lord KJWilliams

    Can you program your game to detect and exit a infinite loop?

    I wrote a program long ago, in C that detects and exits infinite loops in my programming, if they happen. For instance, in order to detect a infinite loop, I use a time counter to count the duration in seconds, of where a loop can happen. I start the counter before the loop starts, and update...
  2. Lord KJWilliams

    Windows frustration, without a volume label recognition database for my game

    I got a problem that I cant solve, because it has to do with the nature of programming languages such GML, C, C++, and etc. of how they're designed with platform specific functions. But before I explain how this part fits with my problem, let me explain the problem of my game that I wish I could...
  3. E

    Game maker what language?

    Hi, I'm looking at making games with game maker, what language does game maker use? can I code in C#?
  4. R

    Portfolio - Programming Building my gamedev portfolio - Low / non existent rates

    <removed due to personal constraints>