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    Legacy GM Binaries / Bytes ... performance and structural optimization.

    [/SPOILER] 0) Basics .........1.0 byte = 8 bits .........0.5 byte = 4 bits .........~.1 byte = 1 bit Variables : ....are used to store information in the devices memory for later (or instant) use. ....can store either a real number or a string. ....have one name with a maximum length of 64...
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    Legacy GM [SOLVED] How does game maker write/read bytes to buffers?

    I searched for "endian" and "significant" in the manual, but it didn't give me anything. Little endian or big endian?
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    Legacy GM How to Convert Bytes to String? viceversa?

    Hello, I wanted to know how i could take a string, for example "Hello" and convert it to bytes "33749023" ? I saw this one example posted by someone on reddit seed = 0; s = "my string seed"; for(var i=0; i<string_byte_length(s); i++) { random_set_seed(seed); seed =...
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    Legacy GM Bitwise operations and their uses

    GM Version: Studio and up Target Platform: All Download: N/A Links: The documentation on bitwise operations Summary: An in depth tutorial to teach you how to use binary operators to your benefit for beginners. Tutorial: First of all, I created a tool to let you easily test bitwise operations...