1. B

    Question - Code Any way to do bytearrays?

    Just a quick question, is anyone aware of a way to implement a bytearray data type? Been working in C# and Vala for a while now and not having byte arrays as a data option is beginning to be a bit of a limiting factor when it comes to working with data files. Probably a very niche thing to...
  2. K

    Legacy GM Binaries / Bytes ... performance and structural optimization.

    [/SPOILER] 0) Basics .........1.0 byte = 8 bits .........0.5 byte = 4 bits .........~.1 byte = 1 bit Variables : ....are used to store information in the devices memory for later (or instant) use. ....can store either a real number or a string. ....have one name with a maximum length of 64...
  3. Misu

    Save an image into a buffer

    Im new to buffers and was wondering how images are saved into buffers. Im pretty sure it is possible but I dont find any info on such.