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  1. C

    Buy export modules

    I want to buy GMS2 Android export module, but I'm curious about what to buy. Because when I debug a mobile game, I usually use desktop module as well. Does that mean, that I have to buy both desktop and Android modules? The thing is I'm not going to EXPORT the desktop version, I'll just use it...
  2. D

    GMS 2 Currency not in dollars

    I want to buy the developer version of GMS2 , but my currency is not in dollars.What am I to do? :(
  3. O

    Windows What kind of support will you get when buying GM 2?

    I mean like do you get priority support with email?
  4. Mythi.T

    Windows Cannot purchase gamemaker!

    SOLVED! : I bought steam currency with the card now Im buying gamemaker there. Thanks to all who tried to help! ====== 1. I bought a pre-paid visa card to buy gamemkaer for the desktop (the $99 version) but I get this message: "We were unable to charge your card at this time. Please check with...