1. S

    GMS 2.3+ Has there any way to use sprites as a button or make sprites clickable?

    i want to click on sprites after drawing it with this code. draw_sprite(spr_btn,0,xx, yy ). Has there any way to do it without creating object or button ? Thanks in Advance.
  2. S

    Image Slider

    i want to make this type of slider but no idea about it. experts, please help me with some suggestions or resources . Thanks in advance
  3. PeXi81

    Tap changes button color

    Hi. If I have a button sprite with two index images. Zero is….let`s say red and Number One is green. Button is red when not tapped but when using tap it changes color to green and then back to red. This is how it should work. It would be easy if there is tap on and tap off option but there`s...
  4. ImagMeh

    Need to make the kill button like in among us

    Hello everyone, I need to make the kill button like in among us. The button can be pressed when there is an enemy nearby, I made the variable true and false. When the player approaches the enemy, the variable is true, when he is far from him, then false. But it doesn't work. The button just...
  5. erayzesen

    Asset - Fonts Pixelinput

    Wouldn't you like to quickly display the buttons with a font the tutorials and input settings of your game projects? So let me recommend this great font I made to you; Pixelinput Font: https://erayzesen.itch.io/pixelinput-font-write-input-buttons-directly...
  6. candlelight2007

    Avatar-based button with circular background: advice needed

    Hi, first post, so my apologies if it's a wrong place, and if it is, please redirect me. This must be a simple thing but after hours of googling I'm still stuck. Here's the scoop. I have a series of sprites with avatar faces. I also have a sprite of a circle that is meant to serve as the...
  7. JJampion

    GML on/off button

    hi has anyone an idea how it works that a button switch from on to off like when the button is clicked : new sprite + deactivated music and if its clicked again : old sprite + music is activated again
  8. duran can

    button builder v1

    Hello everyone, I made a simple button builder. You can create and use your buttons over HTML5. Click to create a button.
  9. S

    SOLVED Hello. I am getting two errors for my code concerning my options button working.

    I have been using Game Maker and GML for a week now. I have been following this YouTube tutorial on how to get the options button to work and show the options list screen. However, I'm getting these two errors here : ERROR in action number 1 of Step Event0 for object obj_options_button...
  10. ShadowLenz

    Windows attach an object to the screen (Button Menu)

    hi! i'm using game maker 1.4 i'm making an RPG and i design a button menu, i want to put it to a screen corner. it's not a simple frame, has an animation and other one when the mouse is over him. I know you can use the views of the rooms but I'm not very good at working with that. (the character...
  11. XenonMax

    GML Save page and color in 1 variable

    Hello, I want to program something like a Launchpad light show painter(this thing with buttons/music/light). Now I try to save the current buttoncolor in a variable on the right page! Like --> ( If I have page 2 change color(or image_index) to red(or 2) ) (I can't create 100000 variables for...
  12. Y

    Buttons in GMS

    Hi. I have different buttons as text e.g. "> START" or "> OPTIONS" as a sprite. which is the best way if you press the button that the text gets a kind of click animation to make it optically better Thank you
  13. samspade

    Buttons, Design, and GameMaker Studio 2.3

    GM Version: GMS 2.2.5 (2.3 Coming) Target Platform: All Download: Github 2.2.5 (2.3 Coming) Links: YouTube Playlist Summary: A GML tutorial series focused on building some buttons and intractable objects and using the same to talk about design and GameMaker Studio 2.3. A link to the playlist is...
  14. A.Chateauform

    GMS 2 How to code a click to open a textbox ?

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to make a point and click game with tutorials appearing when you click on different object, But i'm really bad at coding and i can't find what i really want on the tutorials Maybe someone can help me, i just need the code for the basic following process : - Click...
  15. D

    Custom keyboard binding

    In settings i want to make all my in-game buttons, so the player can choose the button he needs and set it to new button. How to make a check what button the player pressed? And how to set this button to all other systems? Sorry for bad english, thanks
  16. S

    Android Touch Controls

    Hi , How i can add Touch Controls for this project And i want add as object buttons and add shoot button [ touch ]
  17. F

    GML Draw text inside object

    So i tried to make button with different function, i have a way to make it one by one, but im looking for another way, it just same sprite but different text and function actually work like : if button_a = true go to next room else if button_b = false decrease point else if....c, *button as...
  18. I

    GMS 2 How to make a settings menu?

    So what I am trying to achieve is a settings menu in which the player can see which button does what, and also if he double clicks on it, he would be able to change the button to whatever he desires. This is what I've tried, but didn't seem to work. if (image_index = 0 and...
  19. S

    How to link multiple buttons to multiple doors?

    Hi folks, I am just starting with Game Maker and run into a problem I could not figure out. I want to place multiple buttons and doors in a room. Each button should be linked to a specific door. I tried a lot of things, but nothing worked. Would be great if someone could help me out here...
  20. Krenzathal77

    Pause button press carry over un-pauses game

    Hey folks. Quite a common issue I'd wager, and I did a quick search but I'm not sure I understood the solutions in context to my issue. My problem is that I have a pretty simple but effective pause script which works perfectly, but not with the same button. I currently have it set up so that...