1. W

    GML Physics: Bullets Not Shooting Straight W/ 360 Aim

    Hi, I can't seem to get the player's projectiles to shoot straight using physics. In the game I'm making the player has 360 degree aim. Currently bullet direction is decided by phy_roations = obj_player.phy_rotation. It does the job for the most part except the trajectory of the bullets are...
  2. Rahiokawines

    GMS 2 Platformer gun not firing at certain angles when on ground (Resolved)

    I have this problem where my bullets (Ninja Stars) will not fire when on the ground, specifically when I'm pointing to the right. I've tried changing the size of the bullets, but it showed little difference. Please help!
  3. Harper

    GML Bullet Collisions with Physics Enabled

    So I've been converting my game over so that it works with physics enabled, and I've my bullets working mostly properly but I'm not sure how to do overlapping collisions with Physics enabled. I'm thinking maybe each bullet could have collision_circle() with a very small radius, but I'm not sure...
  4. S

    bullet spread problems

    there is a problem with my top down shooter, everything with the bullets work perfectly, i use lengthdir to spawn the bullet at the gun point, but the problem with this is when i shoot really close to my character. Because i spawn the bullet like 100 pixels away from my character. so lets say so...
  5. C

    Question - Code Problem with enemy bullet directions

    I'm creating a platformer game. I want the enemies to constantly shoot in the direction they're facing, but I'm having a problem: the direction of the enemy bullets are all in sync. (In other words, one of the enemies correctly shoots in whichever direction it is facing, but all the other...
  6. P

    Question - Code Different bullets same gun?

    Hello! I'm just a begginer and I apologise in advance if im asking something someone else has tackled before. I'm trying to develop my first game but i've encountered a problem regarding my weapons. Thing is I'd like my player's gun to shoot different projectiles switching its bullets from one...
  7. S

    GML How to get bullets to shoot in direction character is facing? [SOLVED]

    Hi, I'm completely new to GMS2 and GML/coding. I've been following Shaun's platform tutorial and managed to change the code a bit so the bullets only shoot in the direction the character is facing (because I don't want my game to use the mouse). I found that specific part of the code online and...
  8. L

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Limiting amount of player bullets on screen

    Hello, i'm having trouble with limiting the amount of bullets ( to 3) my obj_player can have on the screen at the same time. I can subtract bullets from my bullets_total, but adding won't work. Here is my code: obj_player Create //max bullets on the screen at the same time bullets_total = 3...
  9. G

    are bullet names copyrighted?

    so some of the bullets in my game are the .22 LR, .30-06 Springfield, .45 ACP, and .30-30 Winchester. i was wondering if--especially since some of them are named after the company--their names are copyrighted or anything that i can't--or shouldn't--use their real life names? thanks for any info.
  10. Dreadusa

    Windows Bullet Inferno Demo

    Bullet Inferno is a game where a small, relatively pathetic spaceship takes on eight different bosses that are much more capable to defeat an evil doctor! BIG OL' UPDATE!!!! You can now play with the WASD keys and the SPACE bar to defeat the first boss! You can also tweak how loud/quiet the...
  11. Dreadusa

    Windows Bullet Inferno proof of concept demo!

    Made a demo for the first boss in my attempt at making a bullet hell game, feel free to check it out! https://dreadusa.itch.io/bullet-inferno-demo I hope to complete this game with a total of 9 bosses, in addition I'm excited that I'll have money to pay an artist to make graphics/title screens...
  12. E

    GML MacOsX Bullets follow my arrowkeys commands

    In my game, my character is the one who shoots bullets and not a gun. I managed to shoot the bullets with the spacebar and the direction would be depending on where he is facing with the arrowkeys. However, if I move to the left once I shoot, the bullet would follow me until it is destroyed by a...
  13. A

    Homing bullets help

    How do I make my homing bullets spread to different enemies if the enemy is one instance? Like I have enemy A created multiple times but the homing bullets will only home in on the "first" created rather than the newly created ones.
  14. zendraw

    3D Help with lengthdir_z

    Can some1 help me out with trying to direct a bullet in a 3d space? im looking at yellowafterlife`s post https://yal.cc/gamemaker-3rd-person-camera-in-3d/ but i dont really know what pan or tilt is? how do these calculations work? i get that one is point_direction(x,y, targx,targy); but the other?
  15. S

    How to make a bullet fly in the direction in which the character looks

    I do not know how to make a bullet fly, but was not in place
  16. P

    Health not working, bullets pass through player[top down shooter]

    i was making a top down shooter, and in a draw gui event i have this code: global.hp = 10 global.max_hp = 10 health = global.hp/global.max_hp*100 draw_healthbar(608, 0, 640, 96, health, c_black, c_red, c_green, 3, true, false) and in the collision with enemy bullet i had this: global.hp =...
  17. Strobosaur

    GML Another fast bullet collission thread [SOLVED]

    Sorry if the answer has already been posted, i've looked around but haven't found any good solutions. It's a classic case of a projectile traveling too fast to collide with the intended target. I do have a script in place to check for a line collision every step, and it works EXCEPT in the...
  18. S

    GML Bullet speed and origin issue help

    Hello guys just needed another set of eyes here been working on a problem with my game for the past 2 hours gave in and now i'm asking for help. So what i am trying to do is make it so when a bullet is fired it moves slower then the other bullets from other guns the gun it is firing from is a...
  19. C

    Motion based projectiles

    (I am fairly new to game maker, and game making in general) I am making a tower defence game, where you controll a plane from above, and I want the bombs to drop from the plane. The problem is that i want the bombs to be affected by the x speed of the plane. Im thinking that the bombs should...
  20. A Random Creator

    3D [SOLVED] 3D bullets

    Its pretty straight forward. I want to create a bullet in 3D move toward where the camera is facing. my camera angle variables are dir (the horizontal rotation) vdir (the vertical rotation) if you have more questions, just ask! thanks!