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bullet hell

  1. Misbug

    Steam The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia

    Morbidware recently released a game I worked on made with Game Maker called "The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia". It's a typing game mixed with bullet hell features in which you control a rogue exorcist that has to type spells in order to free the soul of possessed people. There's a...
  2. Sabrina Stoakes

    Windows Ascended Dark Matter (Bullet Hell/Shoot Em' Up)

    Hello everybody <3 Demo Build Feb 23rd, 2019 Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1h7LHCEqE0rhjzo0g3HwbTuzhTkNhCbsf/view?usp=sharing Company FB page: http://fb.me/Caspiancatgames Gameplay Video: Be sure to watch it in 720p with 60FPS These are the controls: Ascended Dark Matter is a...
  3. mkyprice

    Steam Space Mayhem [Out Now!]

    Hey everyone! I've been making this game for the last 2+ years and finally released it on Steam today! It's my first game and I really hope you will enjoy it! Anyway, here's the trailer and description: TL;DR: TAKE ME TO STEAM GAMEPLAY - Space Mayhem is designed to be a simple but addicting...
  4. Caden Black

    Alpha The Opposite

    Download The Opposite - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sl6dt3yYVIATj6HDI0XdCLHoxUMSOsNj/view?usp=sharing So this is a prototype game that I may or may not work on depending on how it works out. The Opposite is a simple game where the controls are opposite from one another! The game at the...
  5. The Shatner

    Android / Amazon Fire Phobos Rescue - Bullet Hell/Shmup styles revisited

    Hey there! I have published my game "Phobos Rescue", on which you control a ship in a no-return mission in order to save the colonists of the Mars satellite "Phobos". The thing is, instead of shooting your way through everything like a traditional "top-view starship game", your ship doesn't have...
  6. Coded Games

     Decks of Dexterity [Bullet Hell Action Card Game] (GMC Jam #8 Winner)

    — Introduction — Decks of Dexterity is a bullet hell action card game. Navigate through the Void, a world full of anything and everything. Along your journey you will find unique characters, exchanges to trade cards, hidden treasures, and powerful enemies. — Gameplay — Decks of Dexterity...
  7. Adrien Dittrick

    HTML5 ARQ3: Guardians Of Lodino Forest

    As requested, here is a golf game where the ball is armed and is actively trying to NOT get holed. You can play it here: https://gamejolt.com/games/arq3/346920 You are a golfhunter, wielding the legendary Lodino RIfle which is a hybrid between a golf club and an assault rifle. With that...
  8. M

    Alpha Cause Of Life [Dark Adventure]

    History: Do you know what deep love is? Are you sure you have seen true love in your life? A nineteen years old named Vain loves his little brother more than anything in the world. His little brother, Todd, is the reason why he lives. A humble older brother who always take care of his younger...
  9. Nyky

    Legacy GM Make objects that roll off and bounce when colliding with one another

    I'm currently trying to make a bullet-hell style game where bullets rain down and the player must guard the target using a shield. Instead of just having the bullets disappear when hit by the shield I'm trying to make it so they'll pick up some of the shields vertical/horizontal momentum...
  10. Wild_West

    Trailer for Giga Gear

    Giga Gear has reached the level building stage and I'm super excited to finally complete my first ever game !
  11. Wild_West

     Giga Gear completed gameplay testing

    I think I finally have a working example to showcase of what the final product will be. Looking for some opinions on how it feels to play. Thanks in advance. Download Link : https://keero-kamiya.itch.io/giga-gear-sample-level Screen shots :
  12. Shazard Bansraj

    Free Super Shoot Owl

    My bullet heck shooter Super Shoot Owl is finally finished and free to play! I heard that it is super hard but I think the opposite. Let me know if you have any issues. https://gamejolt.com/games/supershootowl/288353 https://shootowl.itch.io/super-shoot-owl
  13. Wild_West

    Many many Bullets

    Has anyone here ever played the game Furi? I'm trying to replicate a bullet hell style of shooting like the one in that game but I can't seem to figure out how to work with all the instances I create because I just get errors that the ones with names I give don't exist. I know I need to use a...
  14. S

    GML A Type of Bullet Hell

    Hey guys I've been doing gamemaker for about 2 months now and I am currently working a game that I have spent a lot of time and effort on. In my ideas for the game I thought it would be a cool Idea to have a bullet hell system where it just makes the game more chaotic and more interesting so my...
  15. DanGames

    Beta Eart - The game where no one can cheat

    -Concept- The development of this game is born with a simple but difficult concept to put in practice: preventing players from cheating. You can try it if you want, but I will not recommend it: Eart is a game where you can not go back ... -Storyline- A guy wakes up in a scary forest without...
  16. Eclip5e

    Alpha Grim's Dungeon - Alpha

    --- Grim's Dungeon --- An epic 2D Bullet Hell shooter Free Test Phase is over! You can now purchase it at https://eclip5e.itch.io/grims-dungeon. There are still some free copies though, so check it out. Free Copies...
  17. A

    GML HELP (Attack Patterns in bullet hell)

    I am making a bullet hell space shooter and need help with setting up the attack patterns. Here is an image of what I want to do: For Pattern 1 I wanted the Enemy to fire 3 projectile bursts every 5 seconds (alarm is set to 5), also the enemy is supposed to take aim at the player constantly...
  18. Thexel PIN

    Design A way to recover health?

    I'll cut to the chase. In my game, when you kill enemies you earn experience (Those green dots). How can I make the player recover health? There's no items, and I would like to avoid "special enemies" that can give you health. Just to be sure a player can play without killing anyone if they want.
  19. R

    Windows Question on Shooting straight via Bullet Hell game

    Hello, I'm brand new to GML and don't know much about the coding. I've tried looking up countless tutorials and can't find not ONE that can show me how to get an image to just shoot straight, like that of a bullet hell game. I'm testing the waters and for some reason in my Test, my bullet...
  20. Thor

    Released Champions of Breakfast

    Champions of Breakfast is a fast-paced arcade shoot 'em up where you save breakfast to save the world. Take control of a kitchen appliance as you battle your way through the house to defeat jealous adversaries who have stolen your sweet sweet ingredients. You will launch bacon, dispense eggs...