bullet hell

  1. ELV Games

    Free Hellcraze - Top-down Bullethell

    This is the first game I've released with GMS2! It's a top-down bullethell that features 20 different levels and 5 different bosses! There is multiple upgrades to help you while killing the demons! trailer video: screenshots: Steam page: Hellcraze Steam Thank you and hope you have fun!
  2. TheRealMrSketch

    Released Mouse, Don't Die!

    Hello. Most games are a point and click game. This game is about moving and maneuvering your mouse. How long can you survive evading windows 7 exit buttons in space? https://therealmrsketch.itch.io/mouse-dont-die
  3. Coffeli

    GMS 2.3+ Brainstorming: How would i make a custom bullet hell??

    I want to make a rhythm game and customize bullet patterns to the sound of the music and ive been stumped for a while on how to approach it. Only way I can think of is timers but thatd get way too tedious to time to a 5 minute song. i really want to make something like this but in game maker...
  4. Coffeli

    Need help for spawning bullets in specific locations!

    (Keep in mind i am very very new to gml and coding) So im trying to make a bullet hell but dulled down, very simple few bullets on screen. But im having alot of trouble using the create_instance_layer, it doesnt show up for me I even tried adding a draw event to draw self incase that messed up...
  5. HalcyonFlux

     Shoot Em Up/Action RPG Prototype "Project Sapphire"

    Project Sapphire (Version 0.3) Screenshot 1 - Screenshot 2 - Screenshot 3 - Screenshot 4 EXE (v0.3.1) Project Sapphire is the engine for a top-down SHMUP/action-RPG. Survive the endless bullet hell, and get a high score. This update is mainly just an improvement to the weapons and controls...
  6. LunaticDancer

    Free Damnation - Dance Dance Revolution in the middle of a bullet hell game, what could go wrong.

    Hello! I've made this thing during GGJ 2020 and forgot to ever mention it here. Today I found out my old account has been terminated, so that's a bummer. Anyway, since you're getting bored already, look at some screens: So, the game. It's your standard survive as long as you can type...
  7. Misbug

    Steam The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia

    Morbidware recently released a game I worked on made with Game Maker called "The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia". It's a typing game mixed with bullet hell features in which you control a rogue exorcist that has to type spells in order to free the soul of possessed people. There's a...
  8. S

    Windows Ascended Dark Matter (Bullet Hell/Shoot Em' Up)

    Hello everybody <3 Demo Build Feb 23rd, 2019 Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1h7LHCEqE0rhjzo0g3HwbTuzhTkNhCbsf/view?usp=sharing Company FB page: http://fb.me/Caspiancatgames Gameplay Video: Be sure to watch it in 720p with 60FPS These are the controls: Ascended Dark Matter is a...
  9. mkyprice

    Steam Space Mayhem [Out Now!]

    Hey everyone! I've been making this game for the last 2+ years and finally released it on Steam today! It's my first game and I really hope you will enjoy it! Anyway, here's the trailer and description: TL;DR: TAKE ME TO STEAM GAMEPLAY - Space Mayhem is designed to be a simple but addicting...
  10. C

    Alpha The Opposite

    Download The Opposite - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sl6dt3yYVIATj6HDI0XdCLHoxUMSOsNj/view?usp=sharing So this is a prototype game that I may or may not work on depending on how it works out. The Opposite is a simple game where the controls are opposite from one another! The game at the...
  11. T

    Android Phobos Rescue - Bullet Hell/Shmup styles revisited

    Hey there! I have published my game "Phobos Rescue", on which you control a ship in a no-return mission in order to save the colonists of the Mars satellite "Phobos". The thing is, instead of shooting your way through everything like a traditional "top-view starship game", your ship doesn't have...
  12. Coded Games

     Decks of Dexterity [Bullet Hell Action Card Game] (GMC Jam #8 Winner)

    — Introduction — Decks of Dexterity is a bullet hell action card game. Navigate through the Void, a world full of anything and everything. Along your journey you will find unique characters, exchanges to trade cards, hidden treasures, and powerful enemies. — Gameplay — Decks of Dexterity...
  13. Adrien Dittrick

    HTML5 ARQ3: Guardians Of Lodino Forest

    As requested, here is a golf game where the ball is armed and is actively trying to NOT get holed. You can play it here: https://gamejolt.com/games/arq3/346920 You are a golfhunter, wielding the legendary Lodino RIfle which is a hybrid between a golf club and an assault rifle. With that...
  14. M

    Alpha Cause Of Life [Dark Adventure]

    History: Do you know what deep love is? Are you sure you have seen true love in your life? A nineteen years old named Vain loves his little brother more than anything in the world. His little brother, Todd, is the reason why he lives. A humble older brother who always take care of his younger...
  15. N

    Legacy GM Make objects that roll off and bounce when colliding with one another

    I'm currently trying to make a bullet-hell style game where bullets rain down and the player must guard the target using a shield. Instead of just having the bullets disappear when hit by the shield I'm trying to make it so they'll pick up some of the shields vertical/horizontal momentum...
  16. W

    Trailer for Giga Gear

    Giga Gear has reached the level building stage and I'm super excited to finally complete my first ever game !
  17. W

     Giga Gear completed gameplay testing

    I think I finally have a working example to showcase of what the final product will be. Looking for some opinions on how it feels to play. Thanks in advance. Download Link : https://keero-kamiya.itch.io/giga-gear-sample-level Screen shots :
  18. S

    Free Super Shoot Owl

    My bullet heck shooter Super Shoot Owl is finally finished and free to play! I heard that it is super hard but I think the opposite. Let me know if you have any issues. https://gamejolt.com/games/supershootowl/288353 https://shootowl.itch.io/super-shoot-owl
  19. W

    Many many Bullets

    Has anyone here ever played the game Furi? I'm trying to replicate a bullet hell style of shooting like the one in that game but I can't seem to figure out how to work with all the instances I create because I just get errors that the ones with names I give don't exist. I know I need to use a...
  20. S

    GML A Type of Bullet Hell

    Hey guys I've been doing gamemaker for about 2 months now and I am currently working a game that I have spent a lot of time and effort on. In my ideas for the game I thought it would be a cool Idea to have a bullet hell system where it just makes the game more chaotic and more interesting so my...