1. WasabiHeat

    SOLVED Block object with "Auto Tiling"

    This is more of a logic problem than a programming problem, but I've been putting together a block building/destruction system and wanted the block's sprites to dynamically change based on where blocks (of the same type) were around it, just like how the auto tiler determines tile sprites or how...
  2. S

    Snap/grid building looking for some snapping grid or selection building system like prison architect or rimworld any idea how to do it or any tutorial ?
  3. L

    Windows Stuck at building - (F5)

    Hello im new with this software and making games in general. My experience is with RPG Maker and there building a game was easy and fast. As context im following the "make your first game" tutorial Here is what happens: As i press F5 building starts. I have tried several times, each time never...
  4. S

    Windows [SOLVED] GMS2 stuck at "building..."

    For about 2 days I've had this issue where Gamemaker gets stuck "building" the project, making testing impossible. I've restarted the laptop, uninstalled/reinstalled, cleared the caches, and tried waiting (20 minutes of "building" amounted to nothing). I checked other threads too, and nothing...
  5. P

    Windows Endless building/saving when you press a button RUN (F5)

    Dear participants of the forum, help to deal with the problem of the endless building of the project when you click RUN (F5). building time ∞ I shoveled the Internet including this forum, but I did not find a similar problem. Perhaps the solution was somewhere nearby ... :( P.S. sorry for my...
  6. K

    Problem with building

    Hi, i am new game maker user and i have a problem. When i save my project and press "play" i receive only endless building, even if project completely clear. I dunno what to do :\
  7. L

    I need help with a building blocks thing

    so im testing a building method and im checking for the snap to grid, free space, and if connected to a block on all sides so u cant create one in thin air i have the free space and the snap to grid but i cant figure out the last one and suggetions? here is my code i will underline what i need...
  8. W

    Question - IDE Permission error when trying to build executable

    Hi, I made a simple platformer game and now I wanted to build an executable inside GameMaker Studio I tried to open GameMaker as admin but it doesn't help, nor can I build any other project even if I did not put any logic in it. Thanks for helping me out!
  9. X

    Discussion Game keeps building (Can't Test)

    Hello Games Community! I installed the trial version of Game Maker Studio 2 and did the first tutorial. Unfortunatly when trying to test the game and use Run (F5), I only see in the upper right corner that it is "building". I receive no error reports and did everything like shown in the...
  10. T

    Android - Which APK should be installed? [SOLVED]

    Hello, So far I've been able to test my game by installing the APKs via the data cable into my phone. Awesome. Now however I want to install the app on some other phones away from my PC to test things out. First I had trouble finding where the APKs are actually stored. After searching I found...
  11. N

    Alpha Survival Zombie Game (RPG?)

    Hello there fellow game makers! I'm here to present to you my current project and alpha, a survival game with a twist. !! Please note that all textures, sounds and some functions are alpha and will likely change in the future !! DOWNLOAD: (Outdated...

    Windows Minicraft

    Download Link: Screenshots: Description: This is a little game I made for a jam. Walk around the world acquire materials and build whatever you want. You can also paint pixel art and play in 2 with 2 Xbox controllers. This game isn't free of bugs, so save...
  13. M

    A new problem XD, Help =(

    Yeah i know, i'm having a lot of problems lately but i'm assure you it's because i'm new at this scene so please help me. I got another error while building to android and i don't know how solve this one, i fixed the last error i already asked here but now this one i dont have any idea what to...
  14. csanyk

    Windows Set default build type?

    When I build applications, if I'm building to Windows or Windows-YYC, the default option is always to build as an NSIS Installer application. I usually prefer to build single runtime executables. But every time I re-launch GM:S, it reset back to NSIS Installer. Is there a way to change the...
  15. Imperial

    Legacy GM Drag Build System

    How to make building system by dragging Like In this video
  16. Roachant

    Legacy GM Building a wall by dragging the mouse cursor

    hello! I was wondering if anyone can help me. I'm working on a game where you can build walls to create a room and currently I have it so that you have to place each wall tile one by one. I found it a bit tedious to do it that way, is there a way I can hold down the mouse button and drag the...
  17. LAzKeEr

    How to make a button to turn on/off a feature like build mode?

    Hi, So i'm like making a game where you can like build stuff for example a wall, and i have already made that but the thing is i wanna have like a button where i click to build and when i dont wanna build anymore i just click the button again and then you cant build uneless you click the button...
  18. T

    Alpha Creo: The Sandbox Game Built on User-Generated Content

    (Old Topic: PLEASE VOTE FOR CREO ON GREENLIGHT! The sandbox game built on user-generated content, now in closed alpha with 27/50 slots open! Creo is not your average 2D sandbox game. Inspired by the vast modding communities of...
  19. Kepons

    Free TowerTopple

    Glad to see the forums back up, so here's a game I made in the meantime. It was originally created for the Ludum Dare 35 48-hour compo with some polishing and little things added afterwards. Description (shamelessly copied from at most two other places): In this simple game, your goal is to...