1. zapusten

    Mac OSX Mac OS X Build zip

    Once you join Apple Developer program and figure out what your developer ID is, and where your 10 digit team identifier can be found, then paste these into the "Game Options" > "macOS", then GameMaker will allow you to build a zip file which will contain the app. To actually run the app, you...
  2. Yizzard

    Windows Changing the output location of compiled debug builds or setting a max number of saved builds

    Hi so I have no idea how I can't find this information anywhere as I feel like this should be a problem that affects a lot of people but often when I work for a long time my computer will run out of space because all of the debug builds (I'm not sure if that's the right word, but the game builds...
  3. Kyrieru

    GMS 2.3+ Script changes in latest build?

    I'm getting errors in the latest build (that did not occur yesterday in the last 2.3 version). If I start the game with an empty room, an object throws an error saying that a script is referring to an object that doesn't exist. Did something about scripts change? For example if the script says...
  4. Leif

    Question - IDE Automatically increase build version

    Good day Help please. Are there any ways to automatically increase build version with every next build ? It's about information contained in GM_version string. Target platform - Android. Thanks im advance :)
  5. RizbIT

    having trouble compiling on xcode

    i just compiled an iOS app using a mac and xcode few days ago since then not changed anything. today went to build a different app and got loads (>100) warnings and about 29 errors causing a build fail i then made a blank app using the same app bundle name, just added one room, one object...
  6. Architheutis

    iOS GMS2 (Mac IDE) compiles trouble...

    Hi There. sorry for being stubbornly. But xcode makes me furious! I could solve further errors. But some of them seem to be a hard thing! Please take a look on the added images. Maybe somebody has an idea how to solve these problems. Archie.
  7. O

    Android Can't build for Android

    Hello guys, i buyed GMS2 for Android and Installed the SDK, NDK and JDK. All seems to be Right but i just can't build the game for Android. I Always get "Build Failed" message on my log. Saving project to: C:\Users\Jerome\Documents\GameMakerStudio2\Testgame\Testgame.yyp "cmd" /c subst Z...
  8. Xolem

    Mac OSX Technical question on building for Mac with remote worker from Windows PC

    Hello everyone, I have read a lot about the ability to build for Mac from a Windows PC, but I still have one question left unanswered if someone knows about it. When using a remote worker to do the Mac build from a PC, which machine hardware will be used? PC or Mac hardware? I'm asking that...
  9. Pixelated_Pope

    Android App never opens on connected device after running build (VM or YYC) GMS2.2 & GMS2.3

    Everything seems to build just fine. I can build an APK and manually install it on my device after transferring it over via USB, and that works fine. When I run a VM build, it gets to these lines: Stats : GMA : Elapsed=718.9182 Stats : GMA ...
  10. clee2005

    iOS iOS Build issue with pscp command

    So I have 2 setups and one works fine and the other suddenly stopped working on me and I can't figure out what the issue is. I'm hoping someone has some ideas for me as I'm out. When building iOS it stops on a pscp command when it copies the build files from my pc to my mac. The connection...
  11. G

    Android [SOLVED] Problems with android build - help!

    Hi, I've been trying to compile my game to android and it keeps giving me this error log What went wrong: Execution failed for task ':com.gumbosoup.colorsnakesmash:processDebugResources'. Android resource linking failed W:\com.gumbosoup.colorsnakesmash\src\main\res\layout\download.xml:13...
  12. T

    Android [SOLVED ] Build failed - VM Mmeory and / or Gradle issue?

    Issue: Error occurred during initialization of VM Could not reserve enough space for 1572864KB object heap I am having a hard time to compile any Android project after updating to the latest Version. I run on IDE v2.2.5.481 Runtime v2.2.5.378 Even creating an empty Project won't compile. I...
  13. L

    Android Build and SDK Settings for Marshmellow 6.0 (API 21) ?

    Hello, I have a specific device - uses ARM, Marshmallow. It's not possible to update device as many of our other projects use the same device. So, after 2.2.4 update, and installing whatever SDKs needed to the best of my understanding. GMS is refusing to compile for API 21. First time, I got...
  14. FrostyCat

    Android Automated script for installing SDK dependencies (GMS 2.2.3 Windows)

    Automated script for installing SDK dependencies (GMS 2.2.3 Windows) There has been an uptick in SDK-related questions following the removal of Android Support Repository in Android Studio's SDK manager UI. In response, I have written an automated solution that attempts to resolve this. Main...
  15. A

    Windows Gamemaker Studio EXE file signtool

    I'm not sure if anyone has history of signing a Gamemaker Studio 2 Game with signtool. But I've seem to run into this error when attempting to sign a built exe. SignTool Error: SignedCode::Sign returned error: 0x800700C1 %1 is not a valid Win32 application. SignTool Error: An error...
  16. J

    Windows Output delay AFTER 'Options: [Path]\MainOptions.json and BEFORE Attempt to set gamepadcount [SOLVED]

    Edited Title and Main Post for clarity of issue and solution. Hello, I have tried searching for this issue and found 1 other unanswered thread that was similar however I cannot figure out what is wrong. When I go to build even something as simple as an empty room with a red square in it, the...
  17. clee2005

    Question - IDE Keyboard shortcut for setting target and config?

    Hello! I'm looking for a way to set the target and config via keyboard shortcut. Really the goal is to be able to set these two via an external keypress script. If there is another option - ie. via GMS2 file modification in a build file or something, I'm open to that as well. Thanks, Chris
  18. clee2005

    Discussion Build substitution values - Extensions

    Does anyone know (@Nocturne?) where there's documentation on the build substitution variables that are in the the template and extensions? eg. ${YYXCodeProjName} and ${YYAndroidPackageName} I'm working on some extensions and it would be really useful to know what possible values I can...
  19. R

    Windows Turn off "Remember this decision" for building executables.

    How the hell do i turn that off, i cant find the setting anywhere! and i cant build installers!
  20. S

    Android Build Error

    Error has - " > Could not resolve all dependencies for configuration ':classpath'. > Could not resolve" Sometimes the game runs on phone, but many times this error shows.