1. A

    Question - IDE [SOLVED] Object Gets Destroyed

    Hi. I have a strange problem. This happen only in one of my projects so I think it's a bug. When I use goto_room, the topmost object on the object list in Game Maker Studio 2 gets destroyed. It doesn't matter which object it is. This isn't on a big problem and can easily be fixed by adding an...
  2. M

    Windows Problem with drawing with different room order

    Hello everybody, Please could you help me to solve the issue below? I have GMS2 (Steam version), and I'm finding some trouble after I started inserting new rooms. After room_goto_next() from previous room is called, some objects with Draw Event in the next room are showing strange behavior...
  3. noé cambou

    Random doesn't work

    Hi, When I use fonctions like random() or choose(), it's Always the same Numbers wich are given. For exemple, with random(3), the program will give me 2,41 for sure the first time. Then 2,89 the second time. And 0,76 ; 1,94 etc... So the random is not random ?! It's Strange… In conclusion, my...
  4. Antikore

    Legacy GM Parents are broken

    I'm having a lot of trouble and issues when trying to use parents with my objects in my game. Until now, they were working good, but I added a level editor to my game and when importing a level into the real game, I have multiple issues when things are changed. One of them is the most obvious to...
  5. I

    image_speed - This is a bug hehe but i know you can fix it

    :oops:Hello GMC, last post i was finding out about tile bugs with my partner nocturne xD it was a bad function usage, but, this time i got a serious bug to fix, look... I use tools->create local package this because i wanted to create a package for backup and to create my full game version in...
  6. I

    GMS 2 Missing layers in room on load

    Hey guys! This is my first post! I have got a GMS licence few weeks ago because i think is easy and nice to develop retro games, so i love it! But i'm having issues recently! I have read ALL my codes and everything is fine and i suspected about layers missing on load randomly! Look, i got room...
  7. Spinningmind

    Bug in builtin function is_real

    Found what seems like a bug in GameMaker Studio 2: is_real() returns false when passed an enum even though enums are treated as ints in every other case I can find. The documentation for is_real says it "returns whether a given variable is a real number (single, double or integer) or not" and...
  8. DukeSoft

    Discussion HRESULT: 0x80070057 / vertex_create_buffer_from_buffer / DLL buffer generation

    Just FYI - Since runtime 2.2.4 I've had issues where I got this message pop up: Win32 function failed: HRESULT: 0x80070057 Call: GR_D3D_Device->CreateBuffer at line 294 in file \VertexBuilderM.cpp and my vertex buffers were empty. My projects generates buffers through a DLL - GM creates...
  9. Wicked

    GML Random Level Generation Character Movement Issues

    For some reason, my character is constantly moving downwards and to the right, but straight zooming whenever I try to go up or left I have been following this tutorial: and this is part 2: Character Step Code Character Create Code
  10. FoxyOfJungle

    I have found a real boring CRITICAL BUG in GMS2

    Hello, first of all, I'm an advanced user in Game Maker since version 4.3... I'm having a headache with a bug about zip_unzip() (It's not what you are thinking) I am trying to unzip a file that is not in the included files, however there is a bug that in a way that I write the script, it...
  11. C

    HTML5 layer_sprite_get_xscale bug

    layer_sprite_get_xscale and layer_sprite_get_yscale dont seem to return the correct value on HTML5.
  12. Xor

    Windows GameMakerStudio2 Folder

    Hey, This is a small thing that's been bugging me. I've changed the GMS 2 projects path location (Preferences > General Settings > Paths), but every time I open GMS 2, it creates the "GameMakerStudio2" folder in my documents even though I have a different project folder already. Is there...
  13. T

    GML Player Instance Destroyed When Switching States

    I've been handling my player's different attacks with a state machine, but I've encountered a recurring issue where if the player initiates an attack in midair at a certain close distance from the ground, the player object is destroyed and their hurtbox is left behind and it's occurring before a...
  14. Ellys

    GML Objects not showing up

    Hi there, my sprite connecting to my object is not showing up. The object is there as it is a button that exists and functions correctly when i click it. I have made sure my sprites have visible checked and is in the top layer of instances above the background. The sprites are middle...
  15. Kaliam

    Bug, variable exists but these lines don't read it.

    So these variables aren't being recognized by the IDE for some reason, even though I am using them two lines afterward. I tried restarting the IDE and reloading the project but that didn't fix it unfortunately. My guess is that this is a bug related to the new warning system but i'm not sure.
  16. Sir_Rysik

    GML [SOLVED] Collision_Rectangle not working properly

    Hey everyone! I'm having a problem with the collision_rectangle function in game maker where it's not registering any collisions. The picture provided is an example of what I am using it for. The Orange square will represent the object calling the collision code. The white/yellow/red box is the...
  17. C

    GMS 2 Help with inconsistent collision_line

    Hey Guys, i'm hoping you will be able to help me get to the bottom of what has been an incredibly frustrating experience thus far. Currently i am using collision line in order to create a vision/fog of war system in the project i am working on, which intends to use collision_line, to draw a...
  18. V

    Stuck on attack state when inputting the same button multiple times

    Hi, I am quite new with using Gamemaker 2. When I click the left button mouse multiple time, it got stuck on the attack state and not returning to free state. I have been looking anywhere and can not figure it out. Does anybody know how to fix this issue? Moving Script move_speed = 2; hsp = 0...
  19. T

    (Bug) If statement changing a variable

    I am having some trouble with the following code and I think I am hitting some type of Gamemaker bug. I can produce this bug in the debugger and am consistently getting the same problem. I am trying to get my player to fall through the floor by checking if they are holding down while jumping...
  20. KyleRansford

    Question - IDE GameMaker Studio 2 Game Running Extremely Slow?

    Hello, just today when I start GameMaker Studio 2 and go to run my game it runs EXTREMELY slow. Like 1 frame a second. When previously it ran like it was supposed to. I made no changes since run that would affected the speed and quality of the game, and I olso tested it with another game run and...