1. W

    Steam "Win32 function failed" after Steam's client update

    Hi, I have released my game on Steam yesterday and everything was working fine until the Steam client released the new update. After that, customers started to see a popup message first time they loaded a game. The error is "Win32 function failed: HRESULT: 0x80070057". I was able to pinpoint...
  2. F

    Wall collision

    I have a problem, I did an object for collisions to put it in the walls (this object is solid) and in the action I did this when collide with the character, but when collide with the character, he slips to the right and when the wall is in the left, the camera don't stop shaking. What can I do...
  3. A

    SOLVED Bad character format for "Créer package local"

    Hi, I'm a new french GameMaker user. I noticed an error in the traduction as you cas see below. Best regards.
  4. B

    Fatal Error in dialog textbox

    I'm making a 2d game in gamemaker 2 and when I export and open the exe-file there pops up a fatal error. I have no clue what the problem is. I can play my game flawlessly in the gamemaker project, but when I play it as an exe file this error pops up.
  5. M

    GMS 2 Space Rocks GML Gravitating Asteroids Bug(?) [SOLVED (Kinda)]

    So I've made it through setting up the collisions and such. Player has attacks, everything moves and explodes and splits as necessary, as well as movement wrapping being successfully implemented. However, I've got one issue I've noticed, a particularly funny one imo, with one of the size...
  6. S

    Windows GMS2 - Need help with RAM usage by the program.

    Hello and thank you for taking your time to answer this question ! BASICALLY MY GMS:2 IS EATING WHOLE MY RAM My rig : ( LenovoT430 ) 4GB ram, intel-i5-3320M processor @2.60GHz boosted to 3.30GHz with the help of turboboost. ( I know it's weak but It hasn't been a problem for me unless I'm...
  7. F

    Saving System Problem

    Hi, i have some save problems. Im using gms2 and i wanna make game on android. 60% is done but im stucked at save system. If i use classic drag n drop save system, after updating when i load game something is bugged everytime. So i dont wanna know how to make save system where u can save only...
  8. Nabil Kabour

    Question - IDE Game works on older IDE version but has bugs with new IDE version

    Hi all, My game runs fine on the December 5th 2018 version of gamemaker studio 2, but runs with loads of bug and glitches with the newer versions. I've attached a Google drive link to my project. If you press load game, then either player0 or player1, you will see that the character has no...
  9. S

    full black screen at depth 99

    While I was trying to implement a way of showing object in order of their y-position, I realized that nothing with a depth greater than 99 was showing. It was as if some object had a depth of exactly 99 and was drawing a big black rectangle over the whole room. I used debug message to make...
  10. E

    Question - Code Draw Events Not Happening

    Hi, I have a long standing project I recently moved from GMS 1.4 to GMS 2, and although the transition has been very clean, (props to the GMS 2 dev team on that one,) I came across what I’m thinking is a bug in GMS 2. My game is a top down game, where I am shifting the depth of the instances in...
  11. S

    GMS 2 2 arrays with the same index?

    My game is pretty complex and would be probably confusing to people who aren't me, but I don't think I need to show much of everything else to bring up a bizarre bug that happened. This is the relevant code; cgv1 gets the variable for an array that stores information about a "skill" There are...
  12. BoB3k

    image_xscale=-1 doesn't work properly on sprites with odd widths

    [before writing all this out, I DID go and upgrade to the newest build to ensure this is still happening - IDE: - RT:] So, I'm using GMS2 to create a side-scroll-y game with small sprites, and so I'm trying to keep interactions working well down to the pixel. Because my...
  13. L

    HTML5 Particle systems not working in HTML5

    Hi, My game functions fine when running on desktop, but when I build in HTML5 "part_system_create_layer" and other related functions return undefined. I have a global variable that is assigned like so: global.P_System = part_system_create_layer(layer, true); (copied straight from the gms2...
  14. SirCaliber

    GML How would i have an enemy pathfind around multiple objects?

    I have this in the step event for the enemy: grid=mp_grid_create(0,0,room_width/32,room_height/32,32,32) path=path_add() mp_grid_add_instances(grid,oBarrel,0) mp_grid_add_instances(grid,oWall,0) mp_grid_path(grid,path,x,y,oPlayer.x,oPlayer.y,1)...
  15. Carloskhard

    GMS 2 Scaling Guide from GM2 page is wrong

    In THIS TUTORIAL they tell you to use this code to do a full screen scaling: The idea seems ok exept the fact that they use "min", so if the width of the screen is less than the base width(in a portrait way in this case), the camera view size will use the width of the screen which will not...
  16. B

    Android Need bug confirmation. Please help anyone!

    Hi huys! Please anyone confirm you have this bug too. Steps: 1. Compile an apk of the landscape(not sure if required) game(with normal compile mode. Not yyc.) 2. Run the game from the launcher of your phone. 3. Once you see the game is starting(for me its 200-400 ms) block your phone...
  17. Dwighty4000

    GMS 2 Why do the screen freeze in room-18?

    I have a game where there are 21 rooms. Everything runs as usual, the player is not persistent and is placed in each additional room. However, for strange reasons, I can no longer move in the game as soon as I cross the door of Raum18 and I do not get an error message. No matter whether in debug...
  18. Babaganosch

    Question - IDE gpu_tex_repeat wrong after restart

    So lately I've discovered some strange behaviour with my light engine after I restarted my game with the command game_restart(). After some digging around I finally noticed that the texture repeat, which initially was off, got set to on when the game restarted. I then figured this had to be due...
  19. B

    Windows Sprite Color Issue

    Hi ! My problem seems to be in link with Windows 10 but I don't know, when I draw a sprite (re-imported most of the time), the real sprite color seems to be replaced by a strange blue, I removed everything in the room except an empty object with a color gradient sprite and it's doing the same...
  20. Daniel Mallett

    GMS 2 It's a feature not a bug?

    I'm convinced this is a bug. case const_level_type_jungle: { lay_id = layer_get_id("lyr_front_tile"); tile_id = layer_tilemap_get_id(lay_id); tilemap_tileset(tile_id, tl_jungle_front); lay_id = layer_get_id("lyr_back_tile"); tile_id =...