1. A

    SOLVED Instances not showing up in my game

    I recently began a new gms2 project. I did the beginning stuff (made basic sprites, a player object, etc.) but when I went to run the game, nothing showed up. I made a game object to draw a gui and that worked fine (and removing that didn't fix anything), but the player doesn't appear. Using...
  2. konkrz

    Windows Code sometimes works, sometimes doesn't

    Has anyone else encountered issues with code sometimes working and sometimes not? Personally I have seen it with instance_place_list and with for loops. I think it only happens in instant events (Create, Destroy etc) not in step/draw. Thinking more about it, i think it is about variables...
  3. W

    Black screen bug

    Hello everyone, I have a recurrent problem I can't fix. It began while attempting to create an inventory menu at this address: GameMaker Studio 2.3 - Beautiful Inventory Part 3 : Displaying Items From A DS Grid - YouTube I figured I must have done an error in my coding, because I still saw...
  4. Davide Puato

    Steam Invisible instances and my "views" folder deleted itself, what can i do?

    Hello, i trully need help with this! I was working on a project and yesterday (17/12/2020) after a very small GameMaker Studio 2 update through steam two instances became invisible, and after unsuccessfully trying changing their depth, room view, image alpha, etc... i found a thread saying that...
  5. S

    Sprites invisible after update

    Hi! Today I installed a Game Maker update befora working on my project. When I ran the project some of the sprites were invisible. I tried rewriting the code in a new project, creating new sprites, editing the existing sprites, but nothing so far has worked. Any newly created sprites are also...
  6. L

    GMS 2.3+ Help with collision bug

    Hi there everyone so the title should be pretty self explanatory. However that's only a brief decription of the problem so here comes the full description. Now I've coded a basic collision system into my game using the place_free method and for the most part it seems to work fine. However there...
  7. imtired

    SOLVED Objects not showing?? (HELP)

    I was making a platformer and when I tested it out none of the objects showed up, so I checked if they're visible and they where. So I made a new project and made a simple square sprite and an object with no events or anything with the sprite, placed it in the room and it still did not show up...
  8. Xalezar

    HTML5 [GMS 2.3.1] Keypresses not detected when game is loaded in an iframe

    Not sure if this is a bug with the new 2.3.1 release, but I just created a new HTML5 build, and none of my keypresses are being detected. Strangely I tried reverting back to and the problem still persists. Wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same? EDIT: I just reverted back...
  9. M

    instance_destroy() occuring too early

    I'm currently making a platform-esque game where 2 players are shot up into the room and have to bounce on cloud platforms to stay on-screen. I'm having issues with my instance_destroy() command, as it's preventing the clouds from spawning/destroying them too early. The code I'm using is...
  10. G

    There's a bug in my game and I have tried everything to fix it.

    Hi there, So I'm using game maker for an assignment I have to do for my IT class, so I'm pretty new to the software. I love how easy it is to use and how quickly you can make a game with it. However, I cannot seem to get rid of this game-breaking bug in my game. My game is called 'Package...
  11. Hello1423

    SOLVED Insane Visual Issues

    My game has insane visual issues after leaving it running for a couple of hours. The issues are everywhere, these are some examples: draw_circle starts drawing circles wrong sprites are drawn at wacky angles or are skewed strangely, sometimes even the top half of a sprite will be drawn at a...
  12. B

    GMS 2.3+ ds_grid_set_region not working properly on web export

    So in my code I have a few calls to ds_grid_set_region, when ran on windows these work exactly as expected, however running on html 5 they will only set a region up to the smaller of the width and the height. The only way I can get my code to work properly is If the ds_grid I'm working with is a...
  13. UberhenriK

    GML The character stops before reaching the wall. How can i fix this?

    Hi everybody. Me character stops before reaching the wall. Probably problem is in my collision system but i don't know where exactly. Video with problem: Collision part of "Step" event: If you need it, here is full "Step" event code: How can i fix that issue? Thank you.
  14. L

    GMS 2.3+ Beta version available to trial membership?

    I am trying out game maker to see if it is worthwhile to convert my old c++ game to game maker so I have downloaded the trial version of game maker. After some initial frustration getting animation to work due to, what turns out to be, a bug on the image_index code. I found out that the issue...
  15. Daniel Mallett

    Discussion Event headings feature request

    I'm repeating what has been posted a couple of times before because it was suggested the more people request a feature the more likely it will happen. As you can in the image below you can change the default event headings. Can we add a different field for each event? Can the formatting be...
  16. N

    Crazy, or a bug in choose()?

    GMS1. So I'm at a loss on this one. The bug here is that choose is choosing numbers that do not exist in my list. Choose(x_range) and choose(y_range) are both picking wildly huge integers - like 9998 or 2248, for no discernible reason. It should currently only be able to choose 10 as the value...
  17. 3

    turned based combat system keyboard_check mouse clicks not updating

    Currently I am working an a turned based combat system using state mechanics. I have an object called oUnit and an object oBattle. oBattle has a ds_list which contains the ids of three oUnits to see whos turn it is. oUnit currently just executes its state in the step event. I have three state...
  18. DevilKap

    SOLVED keyRun, hSpeed, and vSpeed are mysteryously "undefined" in PlayerStateFree

    The h and v speed are clearly defined in the player create event (seen below): and keyRun is also clearly defined in the player step event (seen below): However when I test my game, this happens: When I re-define keyRun in PlayerStateFree, this happens:
  19. DevilKap

    GMS 2.3+ All of my sprites became hidden in the asset browser.

    I had a bunch of sprites in my asset browser, but now the sprite folder shows up as empty. The sprites are still "in" the game, and show up when I run it. As seen here: Another reason I know for a FACT that the sprites are still somewhere in the game is that when i create a new sprite, it...
  20. DevilKap

    SOLVED My animations are jumping frames and when I "fix" it, it crashes the game.

    I have an 8-directional animation system for my RPG, when I set the frames of the animation like this: It works fine, but jumps/skips frames. However, when I set it up like this: It doesn't skip frames, but it crashes the game when I walk to the right (and only to the right) for an extended...