1. Jaysin

    SOLVED Need help confirming a possible bug

    Hi, I'm Jaysin, I've been using GMS2 (IDE: /// Runtime: for the past few weeks after having initially tried it 2 years ago. I enjoy it a lot, but I've come across an issue that I'm concerned may be a bug. I'm getting a crash in the GMS2 Runner and when I build a Windows...
  2. G

    GMS 2.3+ [SOLVED][BUG] Precise per frame collision masks not working

    In the GMS 2.3 Beta, I'm using a sprite with precise pre frame collision masks enabled: In the draw event of the object I assigned this sprite to, I'm checking (using position_meeting) whether I'm colliding with the object at the mouse coordinates: And although the mouse is not visible on the...
  3. S

    GMS 2 GMS 2: cannot change local variable???

    I wrote some code for checking if a given location is valid for building things, using local variable "_output" as accumulator; however, my attempt to update the accumulator in a with() loop appeared to have no effect. ///@arg build_x ///@arg build_y var _output = true; _output = _output and...
  4. tedd

    SOLVED Layer/Depth of objects messes up when a room is re-entered.

    Hi! I've been having a problem in GMS2. In my game I have a trigger which the player touches in order to leave to the next room. This room also has a trigger which allows the player to travel back to the previous room. There is currently no problems when walking through room to room, it looks...
  5. S

    Steam Bug, mouse will stop working when leaving and entering GMS2 until i right-click somewhere

    Also. for some reason when i do right click and return to GMS2, it will write out "r f" where ever my cursor is situated. I have no idea, and this sounds so bizzare, so i tried recording it. This only started happening recently. But i haven't gone into any beta modes. And i've tried...
  6. William Garrison

    GMS 2 Audio Panning (bug?) Issue?

    So I'm sure this probably isn't a GMS bug or anything, likely something I am doing. My music is starting in the center when I drop my character into the room but then as I progress the music is slowly panning to the left ear only. Now I recently did a proximity sound object that detects where...
  7. M

    collision between two objects always stop both from moving, while there are no Actions to do so

    So in my game, a bullet object should pass through enemy objects. it should flash (the bullet) when it passes thru an enemy. however, if i add a collision event between the bullet and an enemy object for either one, they both freeze in their place (stop moving). the collision event can contain...
  8. J

    Windows tileset graphic bug (weird lines inbetween tiles)

    i have a feeling its something to do with interpolation, whenever i zoom in and out or move around, causes tiles to have weird lines around them. any solutions? Many thanks! can provide more info if needed ^^ (took screenshot while moving so its only showing few of those lines, but its all...
  9. Fluury

    GMS 2 Bizarre performance decreasing, random-number related Issue

    I had posted a thread earlier about my issues, but unfortunately to no avail. Given there was a lot of information to write, I just put it in a video. The gist is that as it appears, in some context, using random number generation just seems to cause some internal, permanent (until you close...
  10. M

    Question - Code async_load "ip" truncates ip address

    Greetings, I have been working through understanding networking, and doing so I made a little script that shows me the connection information of the clients. As a network engineer by trade, I like to see this sort of thing. One thing I noticed was when a client had a long an ip address, where...
  11. Zhanghua

    SOLVED [For Help] Failure to upload asset to MarketPlace

    Can't insert an image in the post..and the Error image is in the attachments. 1. When I upload the asset package in the IDE, It responds the message of "Package upload failed: The remote server returned an error:(504) Gateway Timeout" 2.Then I use the browser to acess the...
  12. duran can

    GMS 2 [bug] http_post_string not working on android

    Not sending http_post_string on android , I have to work with http_post_string Please fix this bug. 05-07 17:23:17.409 14714 14762 I yoyo : HttpPost("http://example.com/", "submit=test_user&id=1798573820", 63) 05-07 17:23:17.440 14714 14714 I yoyo : [VK] SetInputString. Length: 0. New...
  13. C

    Windows Full-Screen Initialization Failure

    Whenever I launch my fullscreen game, if I Alt+Tab out, click anything on my other monitor, or otherwise just shift "focus" onto another program, my game will minimize. When I pull the game back up, it has failed to actually "fullscreen." It looks like a large border-less window with an inch or...
  14. AiNaKa

    Collision not working properly, don't know why

    I'm trying to work on a tetris clone, most mainly for practice, but I can't seem to get the collisions to work properly, the pieces won't fit into certain spaces properly. I can't imagine why the collisions aren't working, but I've tried many different approaches to a collision system, but each...
  15. duran can

    GMS 2 colision_circle and place_meeting not working

    I try to make a platform game using physics, but when I press W constantly, the acter flies without touching the ground. Is this a bug? if keyboard_check(ord("W")){ if place_meeting(phy_position_x,bbox_bottom+1,obj_mask){ physics_apply_impulse(x,y,0,-zipla); } }
  16. W

    Steam "Win32 function failed" after Steam's client update

    Hi, I have released my game on Steam yesterday and everything was working fine until the Steam client released the new update. After that, customers started to see a popup message first time they loaded a game. The error is "Win32 function failed: HRESULT: 0x80070057". I was able to pinpoint...
  17. F

    Wall collision

    I have a problem, I did an object for collisions to put it in the walls (this object is solid) and in the action I did this when collide with the character, but when collide with the character, he slips to the right and when the wall is in the left, the camera don't stop shaking. What can I do...
  18. A

    SOLVED Bad character format for "Créer package local"

    Hi, I'm a new french GameMaker user. I noticed an error in the traduction as you cas see below. Best regards.
  19. B

    Fatal Error in dialog textbox

    I'm making a 2d game in gamemaker 2 and when I export and open the exe-file there pops up a fatal error. I have no clue what the problem is. I can play my game flawlessly in the gamemaker project, but when I play it as an exe file this error pops up.
  20. M

    GMS 2 Space Rocks GML Gravitating Asteroids Bug(?) [SOLVED (Kinda)]

    So I've made it through setting up the collisions and such. Player has attacks, everything moves and explodes and splits as necessary, as well as movement wrapping being successfully implemented. However, I've got one issue I've noticed, a particularly funny one imo, with one of the size...