1. PJProgramming

    GMS 2 Falling Collision Issues

    Trying to code a simple platformer and I'm having some issues with falling onto platforms. The player character will either be slightly above the platform when he lands or slightly below. If I use full numbers for the gravity variables (1, 2, etc.) I don't have this problem but then it messes...
  2. Mihaugoku

    GML ds_list_add uses the wrong list

    I have 2 ds_lists in use, one for an event queue for cutscenes, and another one for an inventory, called event_queue and inventory respectively. Here's the problem: I have a script that adds an event to the queue to pick up and item and add it to the inventory. case e_list.pickup: /*...
  3. JelleB

    GMS 2 Footstep sounds stop playing after a little bit.

    This is my footstep sound code. It works for a bit but then it stops after a few seconds... Iv tried everything, the only thing i can think of now is a stack problem but i have no idea how to fix that. walktime += 1 if walktime > 250 then{ is = 1.7 if alarm[0] <= 0 then...
  4. Persia Studio

    SOLVED Text drawing bug/glitch, and some other bugs!

    Game Maker 2 V2.3.7.606 is COMPLETELY BUGGED! For starters, the IDE didn't want to accept my keystore (in game maker 1, this same keystore with the same password was accepted normally). I tried several times to change the gradle version, build tools, a bunch of other settings like API and even...
  5. berobloom

    Weird sprite behaviour

    I am using Game Maker Beta IDE (Linux) On Pop! OS. Whenever I put objects in the game room it shows black bars or just shows 10% of a sprite I have placed. I tried tweaking the depth but that did not solve the issue. Sometime when I change a random setting in the sprite editor, the...
  6. C

    Discussion New bug at the sprite editor

    hello, i just get the new game maker studio version and notice, when you put number 3 in the value of the color it start the sprite animation, its a little anoying when you try to change the the color val
  7. Th3D0c0

    Objects always spawn the same sprite

    Hello, i am just starting to learn GMS 2 so forgive me if this is a stupid question. I was following a tutorial where i had to put a new Object (a gun) into my Workspace. But every object i place in the workspace becomes the sprite of my character. thx for the help!
  8. Krazytv

    GML var _txtb_x = textbox_x + text_x_offset[page]; giving me an error message

    Hello! I've been following this tutorial pretty closely and I've been having problems figuring out why this error is happening https://youtu.be/6Bzj7GdSkJI So far besides this one, there haven't been any errors ___________________________________________...
  9. MikiManoj

    GMS 2.3+ Bug - Room Edit - Can't Copy Assets in the Room - SOLVED

    Hi all, I have encountered a showstopper bug that was introduced in 2.3 version and need help. On Mac OS (Big Sur and Monterey), when in Room Editor, I can't copy or paste any of the assets that were added in the room. It doesn't work with mouse, touchpad, or keyboard shortcuts. Has...
  10. R

    GMS 2.3+ problem to rename Texture Group

    Hi everyone, I need help with a Game Maker issue. For some reason, I can't edit the Texture Group name, I basically put the name in and press ENTER and it resets the name back to the original, I'll put a gif of what's happening: (I'm sorry for the bad quality) as you can see, I put the name...
  11. csaki01

    SOLVED Can't rename texture or audio groups!

    Is this by design or is it a bug in the newer versions? I can still write stuff but if I hit enter or click anywhere it names back to audiogroup1 or texgroup1 but the text cursor remains where it was. I'm using IDE v2.3.6.595 and Runtime v2.3.6.464
  12. Kleff

     Texture Groups Bug 2.3.6

    I want to change the texture groups, but it doesn't save the changes ... i can add sprites to a Group i can not rename the Group i can not change Allow Scaling, Automatically Crop, Generate mipmaps, Border Sitz or parent Texture Group gg YoYo maybe it's because I have unlimited Lizenz .... ...
  13. O

    GMS 2.3+ GameMaker Wont Run At All (Windows, GM 2.3)

    For the past week my Game Maker programme has not been able to open or "run". I open the programme, it launches with a white screen for about 2-3 seconds then immediately closes every time. In my task manager Game Maker is seen running then disappears. I've re installed and "Fresh" installed...
  14. FoxyOfJungle

    GMS 2.3+ sprite_create_from_surface not working as expected...

    Hello! I have a question: Are sprite_create_from_surface() and sprite_get_texture() working normally? Because they're giving me incorrect proportions in my texture... See: 1 - This works: ftr_from_surface = view_get_surface(view_number); ftr_from_surface_tex =...
  15. M

    Portal teleport on wall

    I'm making a game where the player has a "portal gun", but when the player enters the portal, it gets stuck in the wall
  16. JelleB

    Windows Game Maker Studio 2 deleted my project & backup project.

    I had just finished a development session and i was saving my progress, i saved my project to my backup project then i went to save it to my pain project again and a error message popped up and game maker closed my project and when i tried to open it back up. It was gone... Game maker had...
  17. OKOCIM

    GMS 2.3+ Adding a new object with ANY parent crashes game?

    I recently merged changes with my teammate, and afterwards anytime I tried to enter a room (past the menu / config room) the game would crash with dreaded "exited with non-zero status (-1073741571)". After some digging I decided to create a test room and add in objects one by one, and discovered...
  18. firestar

    SOLVED Whenever my character is next to a wall and jumps it bugs

    Whenever I am touching a wall and jump my character starts to move up and down violently and I want to fix is. Is there any to fix this? Also I don't know how to link a video to this post where it shows the bug
  19. P

    Windows Help with an easy problem that i cant fix

    Well,im not that good using gamemaker,this is my first actual attempt to do something from scratch,everything are new,im probably comming back to ask for more help again My problem are this speed = irandom_range(8,10) if (global.Time = 3) { instance_create_depth(obj_pedro.x -32,obj_pedro.y-64...