bug reports

  1. Tizzio

    Windows [Bug Report] Sprite "auto clipped" when it should be visible

    Hello, This issue it's not that easy to explain but i'll try to be as clear as possible. It's important to mention that this bug is present only in GMS2+ Let's start with this code and try to break it down in smaller parts: surface_set_target(surf); draw_clear(c_white)...
  2. meseta

    Asset - Extension GMSentry: Automated Error Reporting

    I've written a simple asset to submit error reports to popular error tracking service sentry.io, a tool used by companies like Reddit, Dropbox, and Uber to automatically receive errors from their software/services. GMSentry allows you to use it too for automatically logging error reports from...
  3. R

    In app bug reports

    I want to add a feature to a gamemaker app where the user can submit bug report through the app itself. Right now I am thinking about just adding a url maito: function that will bring up the users default email app and submit through that. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on making...
  4. kakatoto

    Windows BUG when renaming room

    Hello, I am trying to rename some rooms by doing : right click -> rename, and then I type the new name of the room. Then I press enter (if I click somewhere in the window, its the same), but GMS2 refuses to operate the change. It goes back to the old name. It is weird because I did that a lot...
  5. K

    Windows gms2 not playing game

    I have been trying to test play a game and its been showing this console message "cmd" /c subst Z: "C:\Users\[name]\AppData\Roaming\GameMakerStudio2\Cache\GMS2CACHE" Saving project to: C:\Users\[name]\Documents\GameMakerStudio2\solar FLARE\solar FLARE.yyp...
  6. D

    Windows Help! Sprites dragging?

    Everything was fine and i ran it though another test and this happened. I've tried restarting my computer re installing gamemaker 2.0 https://i.gyazo.com/de464fcaef3e3299884714b20de33714.mp4
  7. A

    Yoyogames account unable to login on website

    The website at https://account.yoyogames.com/login isn't letting me log in because according to it: "Your account is not activated. Please check your email for the activation steps." Any attempts at activating it, including resetting the password, are completely ineffective. Any help?
  8. M

    Access violation and out of memory

    how to solve this? I've been programming a game in this game engine that I bought, and now I'm starting to make that error? this is completely against the law, they want to make us buy the gm 2 and they are breaking of purpose the gm studio 1.xx I am a consumer and I demand to know how to solve...
  9. acidemic

    Android sprite_create_from_surface() is broken in July builds 1.4.1767 and 1.99.551

    After updating to 1.4.1767 and 1.99.551 Early Access (both of them released recently in July) the function sprite_create_from_surface() which I use to create a background image for the pause screen in my game now creates a distorted image when I try to draw that sprite back to the screen...
  10. W

    Question - D&D GM 2.0 D&D Search Fatal Error

    I am going through the tutorial right now (which means that GM is running the youtube tutorial video in the left side-bar, which I thought might be relevant). The D&D menu in the workspace has a search function. Whenever I try to use it I get this error box: Header: "Fatal Error" Text...
  11. D

    Windows Tearing with GTX

    I'm new with GM, starting to have fun doing 2d platformer. I'm doing prototypes at my home with a Radeon (don't remember, but mid-quality). And all 2d gamemaker games are running good, my prototypes are running good, 60 fps perfect. But with the PC at work, I noticed A LOT of Tearing. Here we...
  12. D

     Odd mouse behaviour, and clipboard issues

    I've been playing with GMS2 for a week now, I've never tried previous versions. So far I quite like it! I've tried them all from home made OpenGL/OpenAL/NativeWindowing engine in C, to SDL, sfml, XNA, Love, Unity, Godot. I find that GMS2 really stands out of he crowd, it's got its problems but...
  13. Yal

     Issues with Sprite Editor

    Tried making a small little project to get accustomized to the GMS2 sprite editor, almost instantly started running into bugs. 1: Clicking the active colors to change them eventually starts pre-loading the wrong color. (After doodling around for a couple of minutes) 2: The Alpha, Red, Green...
  14. K

    Windows Bug when importing a .gif Sprite

    So I've been importing a lot of sprites to Game Maker Studio 2 and I've noticed that sometimes when you try to import a certain .gif it will not import anything at all. I went and did a test on Game Maker Studio 1.4 and imported the same sprite and it had no problems at all. Let me know if...
  15. Y

    Legacy GM Objects not opening

    Hey all So lately I noticed that sometimes when I try to double click an object to edit it's values, the object does not open. I try "Edit properties" from the right click menu and Alt+Enter but those don't work either. I found out that this normally occurs after my windows 10 (64bit) laptop...
  16. Chreech Okash

    Android Android YYC x86 corrupted!

    It looks like Android YCC x86 architecture is corrupted. Whenever i build an android apk with x86, the game is destined to crash within a range of 20 seconds to 1 minute. However building with armv5 works perfectly. I am using Gamemaker Studio v1.4.1757. Please someone confirm this issue by...
  17. C

    GMS code editor and sprite editor Bug

    I'm not sure whether is a bug, first:I can't edit the sprite center by click the sprite-------the cross line in sprite editor disappear, and when I click it, nothing happened, the origin wont change.Second, the code auto identation not work, I setup it in the preference, but still not working.
  18. csanyk

    Question - General How to deal with a negative review?

    I received a new review on one of my assets recently. Unfortunately, it's a 1-star review. It seems that rather than contact me with a bug report, or post on the official thread I'd set up for my asset, the buyer opted to leave a 1-star review complaining about the asset package having a...