bug problem

  1. JCAuniVerse

    Movement bug when system does not detect key release

    So the problem is very simple. i have a controller object in the room that sets the key values to 0 or 1 depending on wether the key is held down or not: K_LEFT = keyboard_check(kR_LEFT); K_RIGHT = keyboard_check(kR_RIGHT); and based on this the game adds velocity to the character; var move...
  2. yashamatt

    GMS 2 [Solved] How to get unstuck while in collision objects?

    So I have a beginner-style collision code set up and I either want to improve it to avoid bugs or develop some sort of work-around so that if bugs occur the player isn't perpetually stuck in a collision object. I kind of need some help brainstorming a solution. Due to dealing with a scope...
  3. David Lorenz

    Discussion Some objects stay persistent even when they shouldn't?

    Hello, everyone! This is wierd. Weeks ago I've noticed that some objects that used to be persistent kept on operating like they still were. I checked, double-checked and triple-checked what I may be doing wrong, but with no results. At some point I tried duplicating the said objects, deleting...
  4. mikymod

    Discussion Variables definition fails after runtime upgrade

    In my current project i made extensive use of variables definition. All works fine 'till last runtime upgrade to For example, i set instance's gravity and max_vel_y through variables definition and it turns out to 0 at game's runtime... It seems that they are completely skipped...
  5. P

    Windows Player Sprite not showing

    I just reinstalled gamemaker studio 2 and its alot different from when i last used it. I watched some videos and all im doing is putting an object with a triangle sprite on an empty room. No scripts, nothing but a sprite on an object in a room. only the colour of the background shows. its really...