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  1. J

    GMS 2 [Solved] Bug: an object suddenly disappears and others draw themselves every frame

    Hi, I'm new to gamemaker and have been using drag and drop to create a math shooting game. (I have also converted some drop and drop code to gml). The player is shown the solution and five different math equations, one of which equals the solution. They must shoot a bullet at the object that...

    Windows Endless compilation and debug (Бесконечная компеляция/загрузка)

    (eng)Hello, I have a problem when I press F5 (Play) Or debug my infinite download starts, I waited 20-30 minutes, but the download did not end, and so on in all projects. If I first click "clean", and after "run" or "debug", then nothing happens until I restart gms 2 (Steam Version) (12gb RAM...
  3. Tiago Carvalho

    Debugger Call Count Increasing with time

    Hello all. Since I am new to game development, and to this forum, let me thank all in advance for help/feeback. My snake like game gets slower over time. I consulted the debugger and found to be a step event on an parent object, not used itself in game. Shouldn't the call count average be...
  4. bbbower

    Windows Debug mode can not view ds_list data?

    Same text below I submitted in the bug report: I was debating on upgrading to 2.X so I started just looking to see what debug features had changed. So I have a blank room, with an object. in the create event I have the following: ds_test = ds_list_create(); ds_list_insert(ds_test,0,"why")...