1. K

    How do i update my Network Players sprite_index

    Hi, so I'm relatively new to game development and I'm currently developing an MMO and so far have multiple clients successfully connecting to my server. My local player object moves correctly and has the correct sprite movements (up,down,left,right). but I'm having a little difficulty in making...
  2. Misu

    Understanding the buffer types for specific tasks

    Im working on a project that uses buffers for storing data and information in a separate file. I am currently using buffer_fast (obviously writing in buffer_u8) and my file saving works splendid. However, I am curious about the other alternatives. If I were to switch to buffer_grow and apply...
  3. ras maxim

    Windows buffer_set_surface doesn't work for Nvidia videocards?

    Hello. GMS 2.0, trial version. //Create event var w = 32; var h = 32; var surface = surface_create(w, h); var buffer = buffer_create(4 * w * h, buffer_fixed, 1); buffer_seek(buffer, buffer_seek_start, 0); for(i=0; i<w*h; i++) { buffer_write(buffer, buffer_u8, 0); buffer_write(buffer...
  4. H

    Design Using buffers for maps

    I've been fiddling around on paper for the past day trying to design a compact format for building pieces to allow for larger grid based maps while not using a ton of memory. The building mechanics I'm designing it for is something similar to a game called Project Highrise, just to give you an...
  5. S

    GML Networking, Not receiving sent buffers

    I send buffers from a server. I use a draw event to make sure the buffers have the value I want when i send them, and they do. The 4 buffers are as follows: 4, for a switch statement, and 1, 2, and 3 for the variables buf1, buf2, and buf3 respectively. My client receives the 4, but when i change...
  6. 2

    Question - D&D Examples on How to Use: Ds Lists/Maps, Buffers

    Where can I find some tutorials or examples on how to use buffers, ds_lists, and ds_maps? I've looked up the individual commands in the manual, but how I use the different commands together (for example say the ds_list commands) and what they'd accomplish used in series is difficult to figure...
  7. Xer0botXer0

    GML Help grasping buffers

    Hi fellow game devs, So basically Im just looking for information on buffers, because the manual doesn't explain it in a sense that makes sense to me, such as alignment and so on, now I somewhat get the idea, but what interests me is where did these people that seem so knowledgeable on buffers...
  8. Joe Ellis

    Legacy GM Are buffers faster than arrays?

    Hi all, I know that arrays are a bit faster than ds_lists, but are buffers faster than arrays? I know how to use buffers, I'm just wondering if its worth converting all my array stuff to buffers at the end of my development to get optimal performance.
  9. W

    [SOLVED] reading points on a line at 1/2 sprite height from a buffer

    Hi, so what I'm trying to do is find exact color matches accross the x axis at 1/2 the height of a sprite, but the global variable never increases, the only way to really explain it is to post some code so here it goes: Load image in buffer via alarm: w=sprite_get_width(shooter)...
  10. S

    Audio Queue doesn't play sound but does trigger Audio Playback Event at end of song

    I'm trying to set up an audio queue, but I can't get it to play the sound/music I'm loading into the buffer. The song is a .wav file. I am receiving an Audio Playback Event at the end of the time the song would take if it were being played. The song also plays if I pass audioBuffer into...
  11. Alice

    How to correctly use buffer_set_surface?

    Well, I'm really stumped here. All I want to do is to generate a bitmap from scratch (in a buffer, because it gives such an option) and copy to a surface for further processing. However, whenever I actually try doing that, I instead end up clearing the surface somehow. If someone has a basic...
  12. GMWolf

    Legacy GM Saving and Loading multiple buffers as one file.

    Im looking for a way to save multiple buffers into a single, large file. I realize GM already has a way to save part of a buffer, or load into part of a buffer (buffer_save_ext and buffer_load_ext). but what i need is to load part of what is on disk, in to a ful buffer, and save a full buffer...
  13. Fishman1175

    Windows passing buffer_get_address() to DLL causes c++ System.AccessViolationException

    Hello, I'm guessing a developer or higher up might need to comment on this. I'm trying to pass the pointer of a buffer I create in GM to my C++ DLL. Now, the help docs say that this can be passed to be used in extensions. Here is the gml code...
  14. Binsk

    Legacy GM Fast access to surface data possible?

    Hello everyone. I am currently attempting to write a wrapper DLL of sorts for OpenVR in order to use the HTC Vive with GameMaker. So far I am able to push rendered data from a GameMaker surface onto the HMD by passing the color data in a u8 BGRA-formatted buffer which I can then pass into an...
  15. sman

    HTML5 Buffers don't work in HTML5. Found a workaround

    Has anybody found a workaround? I'm about to release my game on Steam and I wanted to make an HTML5 demo to help spreading the word. But I can't because of these 3 bugs in HTML5: - buffer_read doesn't work after buffer_save and buffer_load - buffer_resize doesn't work - buffer_save doesn't...