1. Zack

    GMS 2 Sprite-Based Level Generation (video [15:00] + text versions)

    GM Version: GameMaker Studio 2 Target Platform: All Download: zackbanack.com Links: Video Link Summary: You may know how to design levels in the YoYo Games’ GameMaker Studio Room Editor. But, what about in its Sprite Editor? This Step Event tutorial will show you an artsy, unconventional...
  2. Drepple

    Networking timing difference

    Hello, I am working on a multiplayer game in GameMaker. The concept is close to a fighting game and so it's very important both players see the same thing happening at the exact same time. It takes a while for a buffer to be sent to the other player though. A lot of fighting games fix this by...
  3. JasonTomLee

    Why use buffers and json ?

    I've used ini files before for saving / loading but I was wondering why and when you'd use buffers/json. Why would you use one over the others? Thanks!
  4. B

    Legacy GM Networking system questions

    Hello. I am new here, but do not worry. I am not beginner with game maker. I remember old hammer logo. I just did not use yoyogames forum. I made some not very well working games for my self and only problem is time and graphic. I decided to make some game with networking. First game was...
  5. A

    GMS 2 Tiledata handling

    Hello, I've been trying to create my own 'map editor' in order to speed up game development process as much as possible. The problem I've encountered is handling data because of the actual data size. For example if I were to have a 2.000x2.000 world, I'd have a total of 4.000.000 grid cells...
  6. W

    Windows [Solved!] How to get an integer from a buffer at correct position

    Hello, I am trying to get the image width and height from a .png file IHDR chunk inside a buffer so I can make the correct sized surface to write my buffer to. I have followed (converted) this stack overflow post's advice but i am getting the wrong values from it, in fact I loaded a 512 x 512...
  7. U

    GMS 2 Need File Size to Determine Buffer Size?

    The player in my game has to explore a rather large world that can't reasonably fit into memory. Instead, they simply load parts of the world from files as they approach and unload as they walk away. This was working fine at first, but as I added more complexity in how designers can build these...
  8. Drepple

    Audio file length

    Hi there, I'm trying to create a game with a big circle that changes in size to the beat of a song. The audio files aren't imported into the game because i want people to be able to use their own files. I've succesfully managed to load a list of all songs in a certain folder, and i'm using the...
  9. Pfap

    [SOLVED]http buffer

    [SOLVED] posting_match 2 0 2 Content-Length Date 5 Thu, 24 May 2018 03:40:52 GMT The above is the show_debug_message(); output of the below program: if ds_map_find_value(async_load, "id") == request{ show_debug_message("posting_match"); show_debug_message(async_load[? "response_headers"])...
  10. Rackover

    GML Trouble with buffers

    Hi, i'm getting trouble with the buffers. I've read the documentation but to no avail. I only made a little test, to experiment, but it doesn't even work and I do not understand why. Here is the code : msgBuffer = buffer_create(1024, buffer_fixed, 1); buffer_poke(msgBuffer, 0, buffer_string...
  11. L

    GML Flow-Field Optimization

    I've been developing a flow field for some time now and i'm running out of optimization ideas. Currently, it's just too slow for use in an actual game. I am using buffers, accessors, and making sure my scripts are as lightweight as possible. I already know about separating the map into several...
  12. W

    Android / Amazon Fire [SOLVED!] copying a file using buffer problem

    Hello, in my project I want to just copy a file in the included files without modifying or doing anything to it and save it in a folder. So after realizing GMS' file handling functions do not work with .mp3 files I converted my file to an .ogg and I got it to load the file into a buffer and...
  13. S

    Legacy GM Save buffer server side

    Hi,i was wondering if i receive a buffer from the client and i want to save it to the server how should i do it? Should i use buffer_save(buffer, filename); or something else? And would it work if i receive 2 different buffers and i want to save it one by one?
  14. S

    Legacy GM Multiple buffer usage

    Hi,i was wondering how can i use 2 or more buffers at the same time and save them on the same server?
  15. B

    Legacy GM buffer alignment - deciding the size of buffer alignment

    Hi,i'm wondering how do you decide the size of the buffer alignment? because here it's 2: player_buffer = buffer_create(16384, buffer_fixed, 2); but what will happen if i set it to 1 or 3? Thanks in advance!
  16. Tsa05

    GMS 2 Advice for packed resources?

    I'd like to be able to take a number of sound files, combine them all into one single resource file package, and use them in GameMaker. Lots of games seem to do this kind of thing with media files; it makes it much easier to supply updates and downloadable extra content. I could obviously pack...
  17. M

    Game Maker buffers comprehensibility on a network

    I want to use the network_send_raw function to communicate with a server which is not created using Game Maker. The buffer sent to the server with this function would be written using buffer_write, with buffer_string as argument. My question is: would the string be comprehensible at the server...
  18. H

    How many buffers should I use?

    I just got some LAN working for the first time in one of my games, so now it's time for me to start filling up packets with information about objects in the room. Now I'm wondering how I should send packets in a resource friendly manner. I've read that: -strings should be aligned to 1 -8 bit...
  19. Shadowblitz16

    GMS 2 buffer based palettizing? game currently really slow.

    does anybody know how to make a my palette_create and tileset_create functions faster? right now it takes about 2 minutes to load everything before the game starts to draw. I'm trying to make custom palettized tile drawing so I can make a zelda game. currently its coming along very well but...
  20. Monsi

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] How does game maker write/read bytes to buffers?

    I searched for "endian" and "significant" in the manual, but it didn't give me anything. Little endian or big endian?