1. Bingdom

    Getting the point count on buffers

    So I've been currently been getting into networking and I've followed this tutorial. In the video tutorial i followed everything and everything is working fine. The problem is on the video that is not shown is that the client does not get the 'dots' back when it leaves the server and joins back...
  2. C

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Connectivity error in networking

    Good day, Recently I started working on turn based strategy game project. However I encountered problems when I tried to implement networking functionalities. I have revised it few times, but I can't seem to find problem. I believe my code is quite neat and understandable. As it seems problem...
  3. nicolobos77

    Microphone input tuner

    Hi, I've tried to make a tuner using the microphone input, but doesn't works, I've tried counting the differents levels on a second, but don't give a real frequency for know what tune is I need get the frenquency on the audio recording for get the tune " A A# B C C# D D# E F F# G G#"
  4. Misu

    Changing a vertex position

    Is there a possible way to change a vertex position within a vertex buffer format?
  5. T

    3D Array workaround

    I'm currently storing stars in 2D arrays. Star[star_index, 0] // X pos of a star Star[star_index, 1] // Y pos of a star Star[star_index, 2] // Color of a star Each array cointains 64-512 stars. I can't have star array for every chunk in my game. All chunks also can't have only 1 star array...

    Android Anti-cheat with buffer?

    So I was looking for how to make an anticheat program that prevents hackers from manipulating values. Then my friend told me I can use buffers to change the value's memory location, making hackers harder to find the values they want. The problem is I never knew what that is, so I don't know how...
  7. CodeManu

    Legacy GM [RESOLVED] Wrong packets in TCP connection between GM:S and Java

    Hi all! After been struggling with this for about 30 hours by now I've decided to post it here because I don't think I can find an explanation by myself. Introduction: I've been working on a Java server for a GM:S game, the connection is made through TCP. The Java server connects with GM:S...
  8. D

    Help understanding buffers

    Can someone help explain buffers to me? I want to keep this short and sweet so as to not scare people away so I'm just going to jump into it; I need to store the values for 5 different variables every step for 30 steps. I could easily do this with a rather large array, but I also need to do...
  9. sman

    HTML5 Buffers don't work in HTML5. Found a workaround

    Has anybody found a workaround? I'm about to release my game on Steam and I wanted to make an HTML5 demo to help spreading the word. But I can't because of these 3 bugs in HTML5: - buffer_read doesn't work after buffer_save and buffer_load - buffer_resize doesn't work - buffer_save doesn't...