1. Misu

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] buffer returning incorrect value

    This is not the first time I encountered this problem. The few times I had were just part of some random experiments with GMS 1.4 (also in GMS2). But NOW it is happening for my team's game project and its a must fix now. I cant seem to know why or what is wrong ... I store a buffer value that...
  2. A

    GML High Float Precision Challenge (Buffers and Floats)

    I've been stuck on this problem for weeks now. Read a lot of material but didn't help. Finally I decided to ask for your expertise. May be solved by someone more knowledgeable easily. Here is the issue: I have a GLSL ES shader that sends some high precision floats to a surface. For the sake of...
  3. Misu

    Asset - Scripts buffer_getpixel: 10x faster than normal surface_getpixel (GMS1 and GMS2)

    Get buffer_getpixel at the marketplace! Need a faster surface_getpixel? You come to the right place! This asset comes with a small list of scripts that will help you get a pixel color super fast and its totally free. How to use each command: buffer_getpixel_begin(surface) = creates the buffer...
  4. Misu

    Understanding the buffer types for specific tasks

    Im working on a project that uses buffers for storing data and information in a separate file. I am currently using buffer_fast (obviously writing in buffer_u8) and my file saving works splendid. However, I am curious about the other alternatives. If I were to switch to buffer_grow and apply...
  5. Misu

    Save an image into a buffer

    Im new to buffers and was wondering how images are saved into buffers. Im pretty sure it is possible but I dont find any info on such.
  6. H

    GML [SOLVED] Copy sprite to buffer?

    Is there a convenient way to copy a sprite to a buffer? Not real-time, I realize sprites are stored in managed/static memory, but I need access to a sprite subimage to do precise collision testing. I'm not using built-in variables because of using custom matrix transforms. This is for a custom...
  7. Anixias

    Strange Buffer Glitch

    So, I'm trying to loop through a buffer and find the list of numbers held in it. Using buffer_read yields a much different result than buffer_peek (using some simple math to find the offset value). So, simply put, I have 3 nested for loops to loop through a 3D grid. Each cell holds a u16...
  8. JoltJab

    Legacy GM Understanding the "Included Files" folder

    So from my understanding of the help docs, the "Included Files" folder on the resource tree can take external files and put them within the executable when the game is created.(correct me if I'm wrong here) So knowing this, I created a buffer and saved it to a file, and put that file in the...
  9. Simon Gust

    [SOLVED] Is tile_get_background broken?

    What I am trying: In my game I have a room filled with tiles on 3 different tile layers. Since I want my game to be prettier I would need even more tiles and tile layers. I didn’t want that, so I gave a new strategy a try: In an object, find all the tiles on a layer with tile_get_ids_at_depth...
  10. xDGameStudios

    GMS 2 Convert to vertex buffer (dynamically passing positional data to shader)

    I found this code in an asset in the marketstore (I'm using it here because I is free, and no credits are required so there should be no problem) I'm trying to learn something about shaders and vertexes... and primitives... and vertex buffers... so here is my question...
  11. Xer0botXer0

    GML Help grasping buffers

    Hi fellow game devs, So basically Im just looking for information on buffers, because the manual doesn't explain it in a sense that makes sense to me, such as alignment and so on, now I somewhat get the idea, but what interests me is where did these people that seem so knowledgeable on buffers...
  12. A

    Networking Problem

    Hi! I need some help with the built in networking functions. I'm trying to send data from the server to the client. My code looks something like this: //Server side (async networking event) if (type == network_type_data) { clientSocket = ds_map_find_value(async_load, "socket")...
  13. Anixias

    Legacy GM Multiplayer - Send Surfaces

    So, I tried using buffer_get_surface and buffer_set_surface to send a surface of a dynamically created spaceship from the server to each client whenever a player changes their active ship. However, my cousin is unable to see any ships (except pirates, who use sprites defined in the actual...
  14. Anixias

    Legacy GM Super Weird Buffer Glitch [Solved]

    I've built a sort of drawing program into a game I'm making. The last thread I made regarding this drawing program is in regards to this same issue, but I've encountered a new glitch altogether. So, here's how it pretty much goes: Buffer A is a buffer grow, aligned 1, 1024 bytes. Surface A is...
  15. Anixias

    Legacy GM Buffer saving and loading problems [Solved]

    Okay, so my problem is probably a lot more complicated than you'd originally think. I am making a fairly complex game, using realistic physics (I even found the speed of light in px/f in my game!), and I have a spaceship builder. The builder part is fine, just a grid containing the parts making...
  16. jr carey

    random error message

    I'm getting this random error message, not sure whats causing it lol all it says is: "Fatal Error: Can not create vertex Buffer of size 98304 bites 10709 vertex buffer allocated with the total size of 917664 kb" anyone know what this means?
  17. M

    Legacy GM Using Buffers to store multiple Surfaces

    So, storing a single "frame" of a surface works fine. buff = buffer_create(320*240*4,buffer_fixed,4); buffer_get_surface(buff, application_surface, 0, 0, 0); What isn't fine is attempting to load multiple surfaces into a single buffer: buff = buffer_create(320*240*4*60,buffer_fixed,4); // Note...
  18. L

    How fast is ds_list_write and ds_list_read?

    I think this is the right section to put this. Basically what I want to be able to do is create save states for a fighting game (so to be able to implement rollback netcode at a later date), with Game Maker's buffers seeming to be a good way to do this. This is simple enough with most of what I...
  19. R

    Illegal Buffer Index error

    I'm trying to get networking to work by following a tutorial online and have run in to a bit of trouble. I'm trying to send the players movments to the server using this script called from the step event. buffer_seek(buffer, buffer_seek_start, 0); buffer_write(buffer, buffer_u8, KEY)...
  20. Binsk

    Modifying Vertex Buffers

    I just realized something somewhat peculiar. I always assumed modifying vertex buffers really wasn't something you could do after they had been defined. Then, when thinking about it, the whole purpose of vertex_freeze is to make it read-only and thus faster to submit. However, if it is...