1. T

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] using negative offset to read from buffer_wrap

    I was wondering if it was possible to use a negative offset to read values from a buffer_wrap. As an example, say I want to read data from 10 positions behind a buffer_wrap current "seek" position (seek - 10) with the buffer_peek command. If the current seek position is less than 10, will the...
  2. angelwire

    Graphics Convert Pixel Art to 3d Model in Real Time

    GM Version: 1.4.1763 Target Platform: ALL Download: GMS:1.4 .gmz file Links: N/A Summary: This tutorial is an example of how to take pixel art sprites and convert them to 3d models in real time. This makes the sprites look solid and "voxelized" in the 3d space as opposed to flat planes...
  3. angelwire

    Legacy GM [Unsolved but Useless] Compress sprite to binary alpha values using shader

    EDIT: After some tests, it turns out that the speed of buffer_get_surface for an 8x8 surface is pretty much the same speed as what it would be for a 256x256 surface. So not only will this not make my game faster, but it would slow it down. Never figured out why the shader didn't work but it's...
  4. K3fka

     Request: Allow changing endianness of buffers

    So in working on my game, I'm copying a binary file into a buffer. The file can be of a varying size, so I'm doing it one byte at a time until I hit the end. The issue I'm running into now is reading values back from the buffer. The data is all there correctly, but buffer_read() is expecting...
  5. C

    GML networking error/ learning Networking basics

    Hey guys. I currently try to learn how to do basic networking and i stumbled across following error when sending/ receiving data: The error only occurs when the code wich "receives" the data is active (1 client connected to the server,sends data, server crashes), so either it doesnt send data...
  6. R

    Legacy GM Buffer error with recieving

    Hello! I have an object named o Client. It connects to the rever without problem. I have an oServer object, wich is the server, and accepte o Client's connecton without problem. I want to send packet from the Client, but i I set up the recieving in oServer's Async Networking event the game...
  7. Simon Gust

    Legacy GM Networking: client <-> server miscommunication

    Hello, Having a problem with networking I decided to look into. Problems with TCP: - server steals packets it sends to the client and claims them for itself offsetting the buffer seek and causing errors. Problems with UPD: - Once the client sends a packet, the server will read that packet...
  8. S

    Legacy GM Multiple buffer usage

    Hi,i was wondering how can i use 2 or more buffers at the same time and save them on the same server?
  9. Cloaked Games

    GMS 2 Color Components from Buffer

    Hello, I am using buffer_get_surface to read color data for a sprite. However, I do not know how to get the color components from the color itself. I tried using color_get, which worked when I was using draw_getpixel, but seems to be always returning 0 in this situation. Here is the relevant...
  10. B

    Legacy GM Buffer write [SOLVED]

    How do you decide when to use buffer_u or buffer_s? And how do you decide when to use buffer_u8 or buffer_u16 or buffer_u32?
  11. B

    Legacy GM buffer storage

    Can you store several things in one buffer? For example life and strength
  12. B

    Legacy GM ds map "buffer"

    ds_map_find_value(async_load,"buffer"); What kind of value does "buffer" return?
  13. Simon Gust

    Windows File saving / loading issue

    Hello, I have run into a problem concerning file loading using get_save_filename and get_open_filename. I want to save a buffer using the file type .map but it doesn't really work. I get the error If I use buffer load ext to load the buffer I get which is very confusing for me. I know these...
  14. Misu

    Windows Getting buffer_set_surface to work.

    There have been several people who manage to get buffer_set_surface to work but many others could not. I've been doing some research to find out what might be the cause and it could be hardware dependent. I also found a little information that it might be the DirectX version on the computer...
  15. N

    Is there a way to convert the buffer to a texture or a sprite or surface?

    I use ffmpeg to read the frame of the movie. The read frame is filled in the buffer in BGRA format. The problem is that I need to replace it with a sprite or surface to draw it on the screen. I omitted the buffer_set_surface function because it is windows only. I can not find a way to...
  16. Zhanghua

    GMS 2 Buffer W/R abnormal [Solved]

    //Write global.LevelState = array_create(15,false); var file_name = global.SaveFile; var size = array_length_1d(global.LevelState); var buff = buffer_create(size*4,buffer_fixed,1);//buffer_u32 for( var i = 0; i<size; i++ ){ buffer_poke(buff, i*4, buffer_u32, global.LevelState[i]); }...
  17. Misu

    storing a decimal value in a buffer

    Im trying to look for an alternative way of storing a decimal value in a buffer. if I store something decimal, it would floor the value and I need it to save the exact number. What ways can be done to resolve this?
  18. 2

    Legacy GM Using Txt file: Write to Buffer, Read String from Line, Send to Var to Display Character Dialog

    How do I put a txt file into a buffer then read specific lines from it? (eg. like how file_text_open_read() and file_text_readln() do without a buffer) I need to read strings with both numbers, and letters then feed it to a variable for display. Also I want to be able to add lines together in...
  19. T

    Get_char_at() parser not finding special characters despite being UTF-8

    I'm loading a CSV using buffer_load(), then going through it character by character with string_char_at(), it doesn't return any characters like 开始, スタート, 시작, Начать despite the .csv being encoded in UTF-8. This used to work but now it doesn't. Any ideas? I'm on v7.7.1447. Here, buffer_load()...
  20. A

    GML [SOLVED] Sprite to Buffer Unexpected Values

    Hey I am trying to load a sprite into a buffer (via drawing it to a surface) and am not getting the values I expect. When I try it with a 3x3 sprite with all blue pixels and print the values, I get this for my pixel values: 0 0 255 0 0 0 255 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 255 0 0 0 255 0...