1. tagwolf

    True Perfect Platformer Controls (input buffer, air control, diagonal collision, etc)

    GM Version: Studio 2 Target Platform: Windows Download: see code below Links: NA Summary: I've noticed pretty much no platformer tutorials account for tweaking control feel, input buffering, air control, etc. So I'm tossing it here hoping it will be of help to someone. Features: * Move...
  2. vdweller

    GMS 2 Putting a n-bytes C++ value in a buffer for GM to read

    Hi all! I am working on a C++ dll's ability to return a char array. My first question is: The template specifies a return type of char pointer . Is there a problem if the function returns an unsigned char pointer? I did some tests and it seems like it has no problem, but maybe it won't be OK...
  3. SupernaturalCow

    GMS 2 Buffer value is an int32 but not a real?

    Hi all, I don't really understand why an unsigned, 8-bit integer fast buffer could read a value that returns true for "is_int32" but not "is_real". Is this another bug, or am I missing something about the way GM handles data types? var _class_id = buffer_read(_bufferSave, buffer_u8), // 7...
  4. D

    How to update part of a buffer with part of a surface

    I am new to this forum, so hello to everyone. English is not my native language, so forgive if you sometimes find it strange what I write. I am programming a game where players can modify the level (a sprite) in a way similar to what lemmings (the classic game from 1991) do while they dig. I...
  5. C

    Question - Code [SOLVED} Buffer / Surface confusion

    Not sure whether I should post here or whether Tech Support would be a better bet, but when I minimise a running project that only creates a buffer in memory when: if(!surface_exists(global.LevelSurface) ) indicates that the buffer has not been created yet. If I minimise and then restore the...
  6. R

    GMS 2 data and chunking a world

    I have been working on a project that will eventually have a fairly large open world, where I will need to chunk it in order to manage the memory in a reasonable way. I started out with a bunch of ds_grids inside of a root ds_grid to store the data. but, ran into the main issue of basically...
  7. O

    Check buffer

    Hello, i use buffer_read, but if someone use old version, it will return outside of buffer error. Is there a way to check if it's in buffer last data input? Something like if(ver = buffer_read(net_buff, buffer_string)) // This wont work. Thanks for help!
  8. D

    Legacy GM help figuring out buffer save/load system

    im creating a buffer save/load system that saves sprites and variables to a single external file. below is what I have sofar. its just doing variables and it works but how do I handle sprites? I understand I have to draw sprites to a surface and use buffer_get_surface and buffer_set_surface...
  9. Zaid

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Multiple textures on a single vertex buffer

    GMS2 IDE v2.2.1.375 GMS2 Runtime v2.2.1.291 Preface: I have been briefly learning how 3D works within GMS2 and am trying to write a simple 3D game by scratch so I understand all of the ins-and-outs. No 3rd party extensions and 3rd party scripts are only allowed if I fully understand them. Just...
  10. Pfap

    buffer surface functions

    I did some searches in the Gamemaker Community and it sounds like these functions were iffy in Gms1 and that it might be the user's system causing problems. Create event: buff = buffer_create(1024, buffer_grow, 1); opp_surf = -1; //will write to buffer here alarm[0] = 60; //the main...
  11. L

    Legacy GM using buffer with var scope

    let say i put var some_buffer = ds_map_find_value(async_load,"buffer"); in network async event, should i delete the some_buffer variable everytime at the end of network async event to prevent memory leaks? i noted that when i delete it, it will cause illegal buffer error sometime
  12. D

    Surface Error with Buffer

    So I'm trying to draw a surface, pretty simple really, but the surface does not draw and instead the output gives me the following message "Trying to set texture that is also bound as a depth buffer-bailing". I have not worked with buffers at all so I'm not sure how this is happening. Any...
  13. D

    GML Receiving packets from an undefined socket

    Hello! I'm doing a multiplayer game. In the Async Networking event of my object oServer i switch the EventType received so to know to do: var ClientSocket = async_load[? "socket"] switch(async_load[? "type"]){ case network_type_connect: //do something case...
  14. DaDonMike

    Android [SOLVED] surfaces crashing

    i'm getting this error when i minimise the game in windows or come out and back into the game on android.. ___________________________________________ ############################################################################################ ERROR in action number 1 of Draw Event for object...
  15. XirmiX

    Legacy GM Client reads 6th buffer incorrectly (possible engine error?)

    I've pinned down a strange issue while writing buffers, that seems to be out of reach for me to solve. I have 10 buffers being written from server to client to load content onto the client by specifying static and then dynamic contents' data. Everything is transferred correctly EXCEPT the 6th...
  16. E

    Windows buffer is empty?

    Debug says buffer is blank and nothing is getting sent to my server beyond a connection was successful message. client_socket = network_create_socket(network_socket_tcp); if (network_connect_raw(client_socket,"",13000) >=0){ t_buffer = buffer_create(4, buffer_fixed, 1)...
  17. FeetUpGaming

    [SOLVED] d3d_model_vertex_colour is always grey

    Hey okay i'm trying to use a surface buffer to get the colours of pixels but when i do and create a 3d model using d3d_model_vertex_colour() it's all greyed out. I'm not sure why it keeps doing it. Here is the code i'm using: ///sprite_make_model(index) var sprite = argument[0]; var w =...
  18. S

    GMS 2 restore buffer after full screen/windowed

    Hey guys, When I switch to full screen my image buffer gets cleared. How do i restore it after the fullscreen/windowed switch, do I need to copy or save the buffer before the swap and then restore it after, or is there a simpler way of doing this ?
  19. C

    Could someone give me a buffer_get_surface tutorial?

    The documentation for buffer_get_surface just doesn't go into enough detail to get me started. I'm trying to get pixel color info from a surface, following what examples I can find online, but reading the buffer gets a read outside the buffer position 0 type error, which makes me think the...
  20. Z

    Windows trying to read received tcp packet: illegal argument type

    i'm trying to read a received tcp packet from custom c# server. i copy the code from an officiel example (NetworkDemo) i'm stuck on this for days now. all that's happening is the server sending a packet containing a message and i'm trying to read it and flash it to the debug console. here is the...