buffer handling

  1. Pelican Police

    buffer_read - but it won't crash if you read beyond the end

    GM Version: 1.4 Target Platform: ALL Download: N/A Links: N/A Summary: If you try to read beyond the end of a buffer, you will get an error. This is a problem if your game uses buffers for networking, because anyone could maliciously send a buffer that ends unexpectedly, triggering this...
  2. king javo

    GMS 2 Buffer Memory Usage

    Hi, I'm noticing when using buffer_delete() I'm not seeing the memory usage come down. For example, if I create a new buffer using buffer_create() the memory increases by let's say 20 MB. When I delete the buffer using buffer_delete() the memory really doesn't move. Then if I repeat this...
  3. A

    Buffer confussion

    Hello! I've been using buffers to save / load huge amounts of data, to cut the long story short this is the save code: var _cmp = buffer_compress(_data_level, 0, mw * mh * REGION_SIZE); buffer_save(_cmp, string(level_name))//+ "|*.mle")...
  4. B

    Legacy GM If 1000 client connected to server would it handle buffers perfectly?

    Hello if i have a 1000 clients connected to my server and my server is strong enough to handle those clients would it handle the buffers and connections perfectly or is there an another way to create a server that big?