1. Xalezar

    HTML5 display_gui_* functions not working properly in HTML5

    Hey everyone, hoping someone can help me with this issue I am having with GUI scaling in HTML5. Below is a screenshot of what I am seeing: The black frame in the upper left corner of the game should be stretched so that it covers the whole view, but instead it's tiny. You can also see the...
  2. gotad

    HTML5 Inconsistent frame rate on browser

    Hey guys I've been having a good deal of trouble in optimizing my game's browser performance as much as possible. Since I've starting running profilers and/or browser (Chrome) performance monitors, however, I've noticed that the game will sometimes run at a consistent 60 FPS (target game...
  3. Starfag

    HTML5 HTML5 Build Broken in some devices (not code related)

    Hi! I'm making a game that targets Desktop and HTML5. Until this morning, my HTML5 build worked fine using the "play" button in the IDE, however, this afternoon it started to not work anymore, displaying a half broken first room (some features works, others, don't) with errors on the browser...
  4. Megamini009

    SOLVED HTML5 (camera_get_view_x) returns 0.

    Hey, I was just trying out a parralax background using lerp, which worked pretty well in the regular desktop test mode. So i tried it in HTML5 and it didnt move at all.. after checking the variables, I found that camera_get_view_x was returning "0" at all times in HTML5... strange. I used a...
  5. sinigrimi

    Discussion No code displayed on docs.yoyogames

    how can I make it so that I see the code in the browser (google chorme), copying and pasting each time for character recognition is very exhausting. Thanks in advance!
  6. H

    Discussion GMS2 suitable for cross platform browser based mmorpg?

    Hello community, as the title suggests I am curious if GMS2 is a suitable platform for a rather ambitious project I have been planning for a while now. I need the following Intuitive development environment that grows with my skill levels and the projects scope Be exportable in a format that...
  7. foreverisbetter

    SOLVED scaling to device pixel ratio in mobile browser

    Hey hi, The question is pretty straightforward: How would you go about creating an HTML game for mobile browsers correctly scaled respecting physical resolution and not only the logical. Is there even a native way to do so in GML? I'd be eternally grateful for an answer on how to do that. Thanks...
  8. meseta

    Asset - Extension [FREE] In-game Chromium Browser for GMS2

    This extension embeds a fully-fledged Chromium browser into your GMS2 game. The browser renders to a surface, allowing full support for animation, layering, and shaders. Includes demo project that implements a basic browser. Windows only. Download from: Download from: Marketplace
  9. Nehemek

     UnderChain - A Grappling Hook Game - Html5 Build

    Click on the sides of the screen to shoot your grappling hook! Go through enemies to cut them apart! This is a project I started two sundays ago, down below theres an Html5 build. Any feedback is appreciated! I will roll updates frequently <3 Thanks for stopping by! Play HTLM5 Build!
  10. D

    HTML5 Sending SMS message in url_open

    Hello, In my game, I have built buttons that when clicked on will use a url_open to read some SMS text. I'm having a very weird issue where it is opening IOS devices SMS systems, but it is not opening android SMS. This is my code : url_open("sms://?body=hello") Are there new ways to write...
  11. J

    HTML5 Is there a function or something I can program in gml to close browser window?

    I have an exit button in my game that closes the game. However, in the html5 port, it does nothing. I want to add a simple code in there that closes the browser window. How is this possible? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! <3
  12. Zek

    Asset - Extension Folder Browser Dialog

    Game Maker: Marketplace Price: $1.99 Windows Only [DLL] In Game Maker you can use get_open_filename to browse for files, but there is no way to browse for folders. This extension allows you to open a folder browser dialog. There are 2 functions that comes with the extension: -...
  13. T

    HTML5 Problem with mouse detection in browser

    I have been having problems when I scale my gamemaker 2 html5 game to fit the height of the browser. Once it scales up it no longer detects the mouse position. Without it being scaled to height I am able to click on my enemies, but when it is scaled to browser height I am unable to. I figure it...
  14. zbox

    Asset - Extension WebView - iOS & Android (25% OFF)

    Marketplace: Category: Extensions Price: $49.99 $39.99 for combined modules, $39.99 $29.99 individually. Modules: Android & iOS Description: Now supporting both platforms seamlessly! WebView allows you to place any web content in your Gamemaker Game/Application. It also...
  15. Michael Bateman

    HTML5 Veggie Patch - Optimised to play on any device

    Play Now - on any device in browser - Click Here Hi all, I recently participated in my first jam - GMC Jam 3! In it I made Veggie Patch. This isn't everyone's type of game so apologies if you hate it :) My wife loved it though - and she isn't a gamer at all! Veggie Patch is a farming sim...
  16. T

    HTML5 Scaling a game on mobile browsers

    Hi, I have read some posts about scaling a game for different resolutions but they don't cover html5 on mobile. Our game is ready and we are polishing some final stuff. Target platform is HTML5 without WebGL and the game and the scaling works well on pc browsers. The problem comes when I open...
  17. ZeDuval

    Question - IDE HTML5 browser.exe choice?!

    Good evening! In GM1 was an option to change the browser, which would be used to test-run the project - I could not find it in the GM2 preferences. If I was just blind, pardon me. I guess now the Windows-set standard browser is used. I would really like that option back! One might use one...
  18. I

    HTML5 Minecart Mayhem

    Minecart Mayhem Quickly build track segments to launch this crazy miner through the sky! Minecart Mayhem is sort of a cross between Line Ridder and Flappy Bird. The game can be played in browser on any device! Play it free on our site - Visuals by Gabriel Priske Code by...
  19. F

    Facebook login pop up blocked by Microsoft mobile Browsers

    Hi i'm making a game that need Facebook credentials to login , following the tutorials i'm able to login in android, html5 (android phones and desktop) but not in Windows Phone 8 and 10, using IE or EDGE. Searching on the net for solutions, i discovered that browsers have a popup blocker and it...
  20. C

    HTML5 Game Controlling Weird in HTML

    I recently made a simple pong-clone type of game in GM:S Professional Edition, and everything works fine until I try to play it in HTML5. I've uploaded it to [here] where you can play it and feel what's wrong. The paddle should move up and down responsively with the pressing of the up...