1. D

    GMS 2.3+ For Loop not working

    Just updated to the most recent version (2.3.1) and my For loops have suddenly stopped working and I don't know why. I found it odd that the new one I did wasn't working, even though I had one running perfectly fine last week or two, but even that one is broken right now. Checked the usual...
  2. BulleTech Studios

    Android Google Play Show Leaderboards Randomly Stopped Working Even though Signed In

    GMS (RT Google Play Services Extension 3.2.0 Has worked fine up until today (or at least between whenever I last tested it and today) Happens when testing through USB AND for production(dl'd from Google Play) version of my game(s). Couldn't see error in GMS Output Console...
  3. T

    Question - IDE GMS2 Text Completely broken after Compiling

    Hey Guys. Yesterday i Updated my GM to and when i try to compile my game on Android the Whole Text is broken. The R´s, S´s And Space´s are broken. It doesnt affect the Performance but its annoying as hell. Does someone know how to fix this?
  4. Antikore

    Legacy GM Parents are broken

    I'm having a lot of trouble and issues when trying to use parents with my objects in my game. Until now, they were working good, but I added a level editor to my game and when importing a level into the real game, I have multiple issues when things are changed. One of them is the most obvious to...
  5. Z

    Legacy GM [Solved] Game decided to break for no reason

    Hi, I've spent a few months on and off working on a game, and I decided to edit it today for the first time in a month. I haven't touched it since the last time I worked on it, and no one else has either. So something caused the car object to break. Everything else is fine, the player...
  6. S

    Windows Hey Guys, my colision-system is completely broken!

    I tried everything I could but after 3 months I just gave up can you help me? For further information here's my reddit post about it! I didn#t want to program this whole thing from the beginning again, please help!
  7. K

    GMS 2 the new update broke my gun sprite

    so updated to the newest version of gamemaker and it forced me to update to continue using gms 2, but after i updated my gun sprite was completely invisible, even a few other sprites, i have selected them in the object menu but it still is invisible, i tried using "draw_self();" but it didnt...
  8. Didjynn

    Question - IDE skeleton ingame broken since the update

    Hello everyone, I made some animations on spine 2 month ago and they were workin fine as skeleton in gamemaker. But since the last update it looks like this ingame even if the sprite imported look fine in the viewer : I exported them again to see if it could fix it (so new export from...
  9. B

    Windows Gui not drawing Properly on a full screen

    When i draw a gui, while i draw it at the starting gui size of 768, 1024, the gui will draw correctly, or rather at all, but when i go into full screen, at a size of 2160, 3840 it doesnt draw at all, or not where its supposed to, //create event: gui_width = display_get_gui_width(); gui_height =...
  10. giraffeman210

    Question - D&D Game breaks when I change speed with collision

    I am making a shooter game where the enemies move down toward the player until hit or they go off screen. I have some slow enemies that take more hits and I want the normal fast enemies to slow down when they contact them so that they don't go past the slower enemies. No matter how I seem to do...
  11. D

    GMS 2 If statement not working

    I've been trying to make a spawner in a game and the code wont spawn anything. in the step event if(obj_stats.level < 5 and spawn == true) { alarm[0] = 30 spawn = false alarm[2] = 32 } else if(obj_stats.level < 10 and spawn == true){ alarm[0] = room_speed * 7.5 alarm[1] =...
  12. Erikelelf

    Collisions Breaking Upon Room Re-entry

    Hey there! So, I've been doing a Game Design course at my college and I've been working on a game which is going to be displayed on a college exhibition next week. I've been playing through my game and testing it to make sure everything works fine. So far, I've fixed pretty much all of the...
  13. M

    HTML5 HTML viewport problem

    Hey guys, having a problem with HTML5 for Gamemaker Studio 2, I recently got HTML5 export (used to have just desktop) and I have started moving all my old games from download to HTML5. As I started on my first game (made in Original Gamemaker Studio) it came up with a graphical problem with the...
  14. P

    Mac OSX YOYO Runner Not Opening

    Here is where I think the problem is: /Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/Versions/Current/Commands/mono DONE (0) nname: /var/folders/ds/2xnjbs1s72n195yygvbt5j_c0000gn/GameMakerStudio2/GMS2TEMP/Nick & Will Platformer_5F81763B_VM/Nick & Will destname...
  15. 1

    iOS GM2 Can NOT Load Project!!!

    Two weeks ago I successfully installed my game on an iPhones 5s. It worked fine, some minor fps drops here and there but that is expected as it is an older phone and I am using the VM compiler not the YYC yet. However now when trying to install the game on that same iPhone 5s or an iPhone 6 the...
  16. E

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Save file is broken

    For some reason my game have 1 out 100 chance to broke my save file. I am using ini file to store information. And normal section in my ini file looks like this: [PLAYER] global.maxEnergy="40.000000""40.000000" global.catalyst="0.000000" global.maxFuel="30.000000"...
  17. TheStolenBattenberg

    Windows Whats the deal with the ptr() function?

    I have a slight feeling that this function doesn't do the awesome things I wanted it too. If I'm correct, it should return the memory address of a variable that I choose, but I can't seem to get it to work right. Does it not work with the VM compile, or is the function fake? If all it does is...
  18. W

    Code Not Working...Please Help

    Basically, I am creating a soundboard and I am trying to make it so that when the user presses the button, the sound plays and the instance changes to another object (purple button to pink button) this makes it so that the user cannot continuously press the button and they know that the sound is...
  19. W

    Code Won't Work, Please Help

    Basically, I am making a sound board app and I want it so that when you press on a button, it plays the sound and changes the instance. When I press the the button it plays the sound, changes the instance but it won't change back afterwards. Here is my code: if (audio_is_playing(snd_druggo) ==...
  20. TheRBZ

    So I was programming....

    So I was programming when I came across this funny issue.... Does anybody know what I did? xD For Moderators: If you think this is in the wrong forum section, just move it.