brick breaker

  1. Wicked

    GML Help with Brick Breaker collisions

    I am pretty new to GML and Game Maker in general, and have been following the tutorials to learn up on it, however I am having issues with the collision of the ball and the brick. The ball will only go in the opposite direction of the original bounce (like 95% of the time) even though I changed...
  2. Berker UCAR

    Android Brick Breaker: Story Mode

    Here our another game you may love :) It is like modern dx-ball. Brick Breaker is a very popular game but in this version, it has a story! It has a very mystery story. Can you finish the game and solve the mystery? Google Play link...
  3. A

    Free Shift & Dodge

    Shift & Dodge is a simple but powerful time waster. The object of the game is to break the bricks falling towards you that match the color of your hat at the moment, while dodging all other bricks. Your hat changes color every time you run into a falling gem, switching your target boxes to...
  4. I

    Alpha Raging Dino-Break(Vers 1.1 : 11/28/17)

    This game is largely unfinished, but it is a functional game. The most finished levels are 1, 3, and 7. Using 'N' in this version allows you to go back to a previous level and using 'M' allows you to go to the next level without having to beat it. Lives are functional, but there is no lose...
  5. C

    A question about a "brick breaker"

    hi, im making a brick breaker, but instead of your generic blocks, im wanting to have an image that you slowly destroy. for example a picture of a tank, and you chip away its pieces. is there an efficent way to do this, right now ive took the image and split it up into over 100 32x32 sprites...