1. E

    Remove line breaks from string

    Hello, how would you remove line breaks from a string? So that it goes from this: Hello World. to this: Hello World.
  2. sinigrimi

    GMS 2 The script does not always work [SOLVED]

    Sorry to bother you again, but GML torments me. This time, the script does not always work for me, which should always work if I understand the mechanics correctly. I specifically shot a video (it is below), code is bellow too. Short description, when I go into the room, "Room" = false" is...
  3. Zaxtor99

    Steam "Prison Ball: Full Blown" [Out Now!] - A Mix of Pong with BreakOut and a Touch of Adult Humor Too! I'm a solo indie game developer still learning and trying to make fun little games with GameMaker Studio 1.4999. My 5th title on Steam just launched a couple of weeks ago and is an imaginative mix of old school Pong and two...
  4. Braisque

    GML A baguette problem: special characters and non-breaking spaces (SOLVED)

    There seems to be little to no documentation about this subject: in some European languages, there's something called "non breaking space" (dec = 160, uni = U+00A0). At some point in a phrase, there are spaces that shouldn't allow what's after to be on the next line. Unfortunatly, GameMaker...
  5. despair3042

    Asset - Scripts Random Generated Glass Cracks

    This asset is a simple set of scripts, that can quickly add glass crack effect to any surfaces/sprites. Every crack is procedurally generated and can be easily tweaked to your liking - including its size, complexity, highlighting, 3d-ish debris behavior, etc...
  6. csanyk

    Legacy GM deeply nested break; flow control question

    Question on break. If you're in a nested flow structure, how does break work? I have the following situation: Event: if condition { with(instance) { while loop { if condition {break;}...
  7. Warspite2

    GMS 2 draw_text with # to line break [SOLVED]

    draw_text (x,y,"this is confusing#anyone have an idea?"); Ok in gms 1.4 this would work. So what is the magic in gms 2 to simply get text to print on a second line, in other words a line break? I seen something about this I just don't remember where. I have dug around the manual and can't find...
  8. M


    Recently I Have Been Trying To Break The Fourth wall in my gamemaker studio Games. Though I Need Help With Doing This. This Is What Im Trying To Do: 1. Make objects Move out of the window and the people playing can still use the window normally 2. make things in order to progress hidden in...
  9. M

    Legacy GM For Loops and Break: a Question

    Hello, all. I've been learning how to use Gamemaker Studio 1.4 lately, and I've run into a problem I haven't been able to find the answer to by google-ing it or watching tutorials. I've been working with for loops using the basic for loop format: for (i=-45; i<=45; i+=1) { if...
  10. R

    GMS 2 Grid Loop Help..

    Trying to get this code to loop through my inventory grid and check if the grid slot is "noone" and if it is "noone" add in an item and then stop. but it seems to add the item to every other grid slot. ie: 1,0 - 2,0 - 3,0 etc instead of just adding it to the first "noone" it comes across and...
  11. MusNik

    Asset - Scripts [FREE] Breakable Physics Circle Object

    Download: Breakable Physics Circle aseet can get you possibility to create destructible circle Box2D physics objects in your games. Works only with circle shape fixtures! Breakable rectangle object. Demo...
  12. MusNik

    Asset - Scripts [FREE] Breakable Physics Wall or Box

    Download: Breakable Physics Box aseet can get you possibility to create destructible rectangle Box2D physics objects in your games. Works only with box shape fixtures! Breakable circle object. Demo: Download...