1. MrBakels

    Android WordLooper - Fun Word Game for Android

    Here's a fun little word / brain game I made for Android. Simple gameplay with one-touch controls, online leaderboards, statistics etc... Enjoy! Description from Google Play: Playing is easy: Quickly figure out where the word starts within the circle. Sounds simple, but trying to spot the right...
  2. V

    Free Super Fishermind (Android & iOS) [FREE]

    Are you ready to wrack your brains and become a true Fisherminder? Well, get your baits ready, many colorful little fish are waiting for you! The goal is being able to find the correct combination of colored fish within a fixed number of attempts. With Super Fishermind you will be able to keep...
  3. Phil Bod

    Steam PHILGOOD arrives on Steam Early Access this August! - Guaranteed Brain Teaser

    I am pleased to announce that the PhilGood page is now visible on Steam! :) The game will be available in free version and early access from August 5. Gameplay: Philgood" is a new 2D adventure/puzzle game. It stages a little character stuck in a white “line” ! Why did this happen ? How...
  4. R

    Android [Android] Blocks

    Blocks is an intelligence game, aimed at those people who want to challenge their own mind with incredible puzzles. The earth is abandoned to its luck since in all the bunkers and governmental administrations the nuclear energy has been used in an excessive way. The time has come to take...
  5. B

    Android Hardcore Math

    Test your skills with Hardcore Math Challenge your friends It´s Free!!! Hardcore Math is a game of mental ability based on the calculation of mathematical operations ********************************************* The game includes three game modes: -classic, Infinitely until you fail. -trial...