1. jms

    Demo BBBEATS Music video software Beta version 2

    I have created a system for creating music videos or cutscreens etc using just Game Maker 2 It is called BBBeats and it has following: BBBeats v2.0 Beta - calculate BPM (Bpm beats per minute) for a sound, creating then signals for every position of the song. - Shader controller that gets...
  2. m1s3ry

    Asset - Audio BPM - Music Synchronization Asset for GMS2

    Hello again! I wanted to share with you guys an asset I've uploaded today to the marketplace and itch.io. I call this BPM - Music Synchronization Machine, or just BPM - Music Sync. This asset let you input a bpm, a time signature and it will do the rest. It's programmed in a way so that it...
  3. deciduous

    GML Dynamic Music Sequencer Timing Troubles

    Hello friends! Yesterday I started a fun new project that involves some tricky high precision timing, and I'm having some trouble finding a way to keep it running at a fixed rate. I'm creating a beat sequencer that uses a BPM value to find a rate at which to move through 16 steps every bar. If...
  4. Spongyoshi

    GML Move character on Rhythm with BPM

    Okay so, my new project is planned to have a rhythm-game, here's how I want it to work: My character's sprite goes forward automatically and has an hitbox of 1 pixel of width. Every 25 pixels, there's another sprite placed and when the two sprites collide, it does an cowbell sound. I want my...