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    Box2D making arrows that stick.

    Hey guys, I've been playing with Box2D for the past day or so, and I'm trying to make an arrow that sticks in the wall. I found this amazing blog: but I don't know how to convert it into GML. If anybody could help me convert this, that would be...
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    Making arrows and bullets and Box2D...

    Hey guys, I've just recently started toying with Box2D and right off the bat I can see there are many differences between the default GameMaker engine, and Box2D which I can manage to work around. However, I don't understand the impulses, force, phy_speed_x, velocity, or anything like that. I'm...
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    Legacy GM Various objects with fixtures, or a single one with all the fixtures?

    My game is a top-down shooter that uses Box2D physics, and for the handling of the walls, I want to know which would be the most optimal: Each wall would be an object with its own fixture, that when outside of the players view, said object would be deactivated, while also turning its...
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    Legacy GM physics bug

    i have a bunch balls that use the physics engine. i connect them together with weld joints. after rotating the mass of balls awhile, the mass begins to shake, twitch, convulse, ect. why the shaking?? whats going on with the physics engine??
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    Legacy GM Setting Up Box2D Physics

    GM Version: Gamemaker: Studio Target Platform: All Download: Summary: This tutorial will explain how to set up the basics of a physics world. Getting started was one of the hardest steps for me, and I hope this helps ease the...