1. zendraw

    GMS 2 clamp outside of a box

    how do you keep an instance outside of a box? similar to how you wuld keep it inside of a box with clamp();
  2. Grez1

    Simple way to implement basic text input

    Ok, n00b to the forums here. I've cranked out a couple of simple games so far and am enjoying GameMaker (note: I'm still on 1.499999 - evaluating as to whether to invest in 2.x). The one thing that I'm finding completely confounding is what would be the most simple of functionality way back the...
  3. Edwin

    GML How to create a 360 degrees collision box?

    I'm trying to implement a collision box that game will create by rotating the image angle. This could be very helpful for TDS games, cuz player will overlay the wall after changing it's image angle and stuck inside. Is there a way to do that?
  4. J

    Android ¿How to do a Time Checker ?

    Hello, I am developing a videogame and I wanted to know if it was possible to create a time system like clash royale chests? , that the box can be opened only after a certain time has elapsed, and that it does not depend fully on the time of the device. I do not know if I explain, thanks in...
  5. Misu

    The best box pushing mechanic for a platformer

    I was told to start this thread. Anyway I have been struggling on how to do pushable boxes in a complicated level design. I lave slopes and gaps that can (will) also affect the boxes in the game. Of course Im not doing real physics. Im trying to pull off a basic gravity with simple character...
  6. darijs1

    Legacy GM (Solved) Simple way to draw a rectangle under my text

    Based on this code: ///Script object = argument0 str = argument1 draw_set_halign(fa_center); draw_text_transformed(argument0.x, argument0.y-argument0.sprite_height, str,0.5,0.5,0); how can i draw a rectangle under this text in a way that would keep the rectangle the same width and height as the...
  7. Rikifive

    Legacy GM Drawing Characters One By One With Different Colors

    Hello there, Currently I'm trying to draw a text, where characters would be printed one by one and where some words would be drawn in a different color, to highlight them. However, I'm not sure how to approach that. I tried to think of something, but that all quickly became confusing. What...
  8. WimpyLlama

    I need to make a object stay in a box GMS:2

    I know this sounds kind of noobish but I can't figure it out. I am trying to make an object stay inside a box, even when the box moves. I can't seem to figure it out. Please help.
  9. S

    Android Android choice question

    How can i make a choice question in my android game in a simmilar way as the function show_question? i've been having a little trouble with this... I don't want to make a custom window myself because it takes a lot of work, it's fine with the android look. Also, i'd like to be able to replace...
  10. D

    GML string_delete() Not deleting string

    Hi everybody, i'm trying to make a simple dialog box which draws the text over time until it reaches the '#' character, then it should delete the part of the string string already written, but for some reason even if the string_delete() function is executed the "text" remains the same. Here is...
  11. Geners

    Help with my text box system [FIXED]

    SO I created this really basic text input system, the only problem is, when I have multiples the text copies over whenever I click on a different box. I know exactly what's causing this problem, but I'm having somewhat of a difficult time coming up with a work around. Any help would be...
  12. Desix

    Asset - Scripts Full Input Boxes Fully functional multiple-line input boxes with mobile features. If you need a simple one-line input box with all the features for pc and mobile, this is the one for you. With this text input asset you can avoid high prices and the...
  13. MMM

    Asset - Demo Save, rename and recolor with typing. GMS1 and GMS2 demo.

    Save, rename and recolor with typing. GMS1 and GMS2 demo. Save the game by directly selecting a folder and naming the file. Or just rename the character in a sentence and recolor text with typing.
  14. D

    GMS 2 Can't add second box fixture

    Hello everyone, I am new to GameMaker. For some reason I can't seem to add a second box fixture to my instance, though a second polygon fixture seems to work fine. I have the following code in the create event: //left collision box var box = physics_fixture_create()...
  15. C

    Legacy GM Issue with passable box

  16. Dragon47

    Asset - Extension Text Inputs - GM Studio 2

    Demo:!AppH38QcoEBfiKVFbF-SFrlkQCoQbQ Poor input boxes make your game look and feel unprofessional, and can ruin the important first impression of a player. But they're a pain to program properly. With this text input extension you can avoid dozens of hours of UI programming...
  17. phillipPbor

    Legacy GM pushable platformer crate box (NONE PHYSICS)

    remember the platformer box? yah I want the box to be a real box, mothing that you can... heres someone code gave me code I decide to start from scratch. the last ideas they gave me didn't help at all. I wish someone else to help.
  18. phillipPbor

    Legacy GM box pushing

    hey, um... remember the ANI puzzle platformer game I posted for you to beta test. so um... I have prob, yes someone game me the push box code and it worked okay. this code didn't show the player push animate as I tried, and the box keeps following me when I stop pushing. there is a video of...
  19. phillipPbor

    Legacy GM cant push box

    hey, trying to fix a box pushing mechanic in a puzzle platform as I run a game it just idle, you know trying to make layer do push animation when collide with box left or right. so my question was, how do you make a pushable box perfect?
  20. F


    i need i help with designing text to appear above the player when the player touch's an object i need the text to do be able to fit in tight space's like this tight the text is going to be about 10 words long