1. G

    How do I make an object go across the screen, turn around, and come back?

    Hi there, So I'm making a game that requires a plane to go across the sky, hit the outside boundary, then turn around and go back the other way and continue that cycle. I had it working before, using the actions in the images below. Then I changed something in the game that isn't related to...
  2. J

    bbox versus sprite_xoffset for boundary restraints?

    Hello! I'm going through the "Breakthrough" tutorial and was just wondering why one code worked and one doesn't . . . This is concerning the part where the bat must be coded to stay within the boundaries of the game. This is the correct code in a Step event: if keyboard_check(vk_right) // Check...
  3. Misu

    Algorithm for checking if within a triangle

    Hi everyone. Im trying to figure out a way to check whether a point is within a triangle boundary for a shader. I came up with one method but its ratherly slow because it uses so much if statements. Does anyone know any possible method on detecting a point within a triangle boundary?