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  1. Angel_GM

    Windows POL-OS [Alpha Demo Available]

    DOWNLOAD ALPHA DEMO (0.2) A BOSS RUSH where your DECISIONS and the COMBAT SKILLS of your partner Max, MIGHT save the inhabitants of the planet Elementos from their extinction... or NOT. FIGHT and DEFEAT the OFFENDERS that are causing conflicts on the planet, then JUDGE them based on the...
  2. Bluetail7

    Windows One Life - One Boss [Mouse Game]

    A game made in May 15, 2016 - Ventisca Games Play as the pilot of a spaceship going your way through the final boss. Avoid enemy bullets and reach the enemy, destroy the target and save the galaxy from the monster that wanders in the void. Download
  3. G

    GMS 2 How to make a Boss Battle like this?

    Can anybody help me to make this boss battle scenario in my game maker game im creating? it is supposed to be a platformer game where you control a warrior who has a sword that battles enemies with his sword,repeately hitting them until they die.At the end of the level there's this boss battle...
  4. 1

    GML Cuphead Esque Game

    how would I make a Cuphead like game with a minimal you could walk around and the actual boss fights, i.e when to trigger a phrase of the boss