1. C

    Multistage Boss fight platformer

    Hi, how would i make a boss fight have multiple stages? I want to make it so when it reaches half hp it changes its sprite but so far i have had no luck. The code i have is obj_bossattack x = owner.x; y = owner.y+30; //location of gun when assigned to sprite if...
  2. G#m_Player2

    GMS 2 Quick question: How do you create a boss fight?

    Don't have knowledge about making a boss mechanics but I guess you can make one by using state machine right? Just want to know how it should be made.
  3. DivineEd

    GMS 2 So im rather new to gamemaker and im trying to make a boss

    How should i tackle developing a boss, I have no issue making little slime like enemies with no attack animation but I need some guidance on how to make a boss that can switch sprites for an attack. my main stump is, how do I make the boss switch from a chase state to an attacking state when...
  4. Misu

    Forum Game I think it is a boss battle... maybe?

    There is an object placed in the middle of a blank room. You dont know what it is. The only thing you could tell was that it doesnt move, has a long metal piece sticking out of a rubber material that almost looks like a strange shoe and a tin can over the metal object. Its presence triggers you...
  5. M

    GMS 2 boss wave

    Hello everyone, I'm kinda new here but i've got quite a bit of experience with game maker studio 2, i am making a game where you have to defeat waves of enemy spaceships. i want to add a boss ship that comes around every 10 waves. i have no clue where to begin with this task. i have created a...
  6. Suzaku

    GMS 2 Ideas for boss fight code

    Im making a boss fight in a platform game. So... Im thinking about making the boss with 4 levels of fury, where in each level there are a group of possible moves that he can pick to use against the player, and then on step event it will check the whole time on which level the boss is at the...
  7. G

    GMS 2 How to make a Boss Battle like this?

    Can anybody help me to make this boss battle scenario in my game maker game im creating? it is supposed to be a platformer game where you control a warrior who has a sword that battles enemies with his sword,repeately hitting them until they die.At the end of the level there's this boss battle...
  8. harambe1

     One World - [UPDATED WITH MUSIC]

    My first project which I am working solo. Gets heavy inspiration from megaman games. Its a bit difficult, and is intended for those looking for an action platformer challenge. My intention is to go heavy with the story telling. This one is just a prototype for the stage and combat. Hey...
  9. Null-Z

    Legacy GM My first boss with State machines. COMPLETE!

    Oh boy, this is something I'll need a lot of help with... I've planned out every state I want the boss to be in and taking it one part at a time. The script I have for Intro moves the object down but it doesn't stop or play the screech animation, what am I doing wrong?
  10. B

     Cube Clicker

    This is my first game and I really enjoyed learning everything I did. My coding is not the best and some things may still not work as intended, but I really loved using GameMaker! I made this using a trial for a game jam and I'm trying to purchase a license of some sort soon. This game is a...
  11. W

    Drag And Drop Boss Health Bar [Solved]

    I was trying to make a boss health bar but when i add a health bar then the boss disappears and when i add health bar with letters (example : Boss Health : 200) and then it shows just a text and the boss disappears again but when there is no health bar then the boss appears i think i need to do...
  12. yvodlyn

    Legacy GM Boss System

    Hello, For the game, I managed to program all the enemies. However, for the boss, I can not program it. I can not find a structure to program the boss. Would someone have a solution? For the first boss, I wanted to make a similar one to that in Castlevania. Thank you!
  13. A

    Mimic Terraria's Skeletron Movement

    Before you ask, no I am not using Re-Logic's art. I have my own listed below. The left sprite is his hands, the right is his head. I want to mimic the movement of Terraria's boss Skeletron (Preferably Expert) with some differences. I don't need entire bits of code, just main pieces...
  14. A

    How to Make Objects Sprite Change as it follows

    I am making a boss enemy in a platformer, where the enemy shoots off rockets and they follow the player. I want the sprite of the rocket to change depending on the direction it is going, but I have no clue how to. I tried this: if vspeed > 0 while hspeed < 0 {sprite_index =...
  15. Tim

    Design Our game Boss 101 (using GameMaker) is done, some thoughts

    Hey all, You might know already about our game Boss 101 which we did entirely in GameMaker. If not some quick links below if you are interested: Boss 101 Development blog here in these forums Boss 101 Steam Store Page Boss 101 was a three and a half year project done by three people...
  16. C

    Creating instance once you get a certain amount of points

    Hello forum. So I am kinda new to Gamemaker and I went through the tutorial but I'm still unsure on some stuff. I use D&D atm. And I want to create like a boss once you get for example 20 points. So is there anyway to like make a variable in create and make it false and in step once you reach 20...
  17. K

    Best Way To Do Boss States

    Well For My Game,<---My Game Demo I Am Tryin To Add A Boss And Don't Know If I Should Make The Boss States Using Scripts Or TimeLines. And I Also Just Want Any Kinda Tips I Can Get On The Subject... Thank you
  18. F

    New to this community!

    Hey everyone, I'm new to this community and getting back in to game maker. It has come a long way since I used it in high school! One thing I have been ready about and something I am looking to test is procedural generation in games. There are a ton of resources and I plan on using them but I...
  19. S

    Legacy GM thunder strikes falling from above

    i am making a game which is kinda top-down shooter ( pokemon-ish) with a magic theme and i am making a boss level where a massive wizard strikes with a thunder on player location . can someone provide me advice regarding how to make random single thunder strike on player location. thanks :)
  20. C

    Boss AI Spawning enemies, shooting

    so im down to my final boss object for a class project, i want to set him up to spawn enemies and would also like to get him to shoot fireballs, for some reason hes getting stuck in a loop and wont trigger the animation end event that i have set up to spawn the enemy and reset the summon flag...