1. Daniel Mallett

    GMS 2 text border issues

    x = 500; y = 500; string_val = "string"; draw_text(x, y, string_val); width = string_width(string_val); height = string_height(string_val); draw_rectangle(x, y, x + width, y + height, 1); I am trying to implement a dialogue with form controls, text, etc. I have been having problems...
  2. G

    Legacy GM White color in sprite border

    In my game, for some reason, some sprites have white borders or something, like in this screenshot: I tried to uncheck the "interpolate colors between pixels" thing, but it didn't help. I also checked if the problem is with the sprites, but it wasn't (At least I think so). So, any idea why...
  3. matharoo

    Asset - Shaders Matharoo's Outline Shader

    This is my outline shader. It has customizable thickness, quality and color. It works with surfaces too. DOWNLOAD LINK I'm not experienced with shaders, so some of you advanced users might spot something stupid in the code. If that is the case, please do tell me, I'd love to improve it! If...
  4. Samuel Venable

    Asset - Extension Window Manipulation DLL

    Description Price: $1.99 Buy now from the GameMaker Marketplace Buy now or download the demo from
  5. J

    Android Outline Stroke Shader For Overlapping Sprites

    I have overlapping sprites consisting of Head, 4 Limbs and a Torso that makes up a character. I would like to create a border around this character as a whole and not on its individual sprites as it is overlapping which looks funky. I used surfaces with the masking technique and it works like a...
  6. G

    Legacy GM Keep game's scale when in full-screen >Solved<

    Hi everyone at GMC! I would like to find out a simple method for keeping a game's resolution and scale the same, even when in full-screen; and use a black border to fill up the remaining areas. Like this: I saw some other threads, and it seems you can do this through "global game...
  7. LucasTheNewbie

    [SOLVED] Proper views?

    Hey I'm currently creating an own view, that is supposed to be exactly like the views you can create In the room settings. Everything works fine, except for the vbor. How can I set up a proper vertical border? My view is always fixed in the center because I used: view_yview[0] =...