1. GMWolf

    The GMC cookbook

    The GMC cookbook Eat, sleep make games, repeat... Obviously the most important step there is making games, but making food is great fun too! So here is a thread for us all to share our best recipes! To help get us started, here is my favourite way to cook carrots: Glazed Carrots Beautifully...
  2. zendraw

    Discussion RQ: Terms/words to enchance dictionary

    Hi, i am currently seeking some sources like books or somthing where i can learn new words and terms that will enhance my dictionary so when i write i dont stop and wonder about what word to use, which happens alot at this point. as of now i am reeding Lovecraft stories and ive gathered like...
  3. Yadu Rajiv

    Job Offer - Programmer Looking for a technical reviewer to review contents of a book/code

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone here would be interested in doing a technical review of a book (or have prior experience doing a review) that I was writing on GMS2. The book is mostly around Networking in GMS2 as well as a basic intro to it. A good understanding of NodeJS would also be great...
  4. abianche

    Gaming books (Novels or Bios) - any suggestions?

    I am not such an avid reader (a book per month is more than enough!), however I do like reading about gaming-related books, be it a bio or a novel. A couple of examples are Masters of Doom and Ready Player One (I bet you know both!). Do you have something to suggest, similar to these books?
  5. M

    Android Amelies Magical Book

    Hey@all, here my first android-project made with GM Studio 2. It's a mahjong solitaire game. I hope you enjoy it :) .. Criticism is welcome! URL to Playstore:
  6. A

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Making a book

    Hi everybody, I am making a RPG in GM:S 1.4. I want to implement a book that you can open at any time. I want it to consist of a few pages with text and images and the more progress you make, the more there is in the book. I hope it is clear what I want to create. Ps. sorry for my English, it...
  7. D

    Android Meme Coloring book1 : Donald Trump parody

    Store Description: Make memes of Donald Trump very easy, share in your social networks with one click. Uses: - facebook - whatspApp - gmail Download here