1. Let's Clone

    GMS 2 Bomberman Clone Tutorial

    GM Version: 2.3 Target Platform: Windows/Mac OSX/HTML 5 Download: Assets / Base Project Link: Lets Clone Summary: Welcome to Lets Cone! This time around, I've opted to finish the tutorial before making a post =P It was aslow grind, but here are my steps for cloning the classic Bomberman game...
  2. J

    Bomberman Style Level Generator using a Dungeon Generation Technique

    GM Version: GMS2 Target Platform: HTML5 Download: Video: Summary: I just recently discovered how to use diffusion limited aggregation to create random maps and I wanted to apply it to a bomberman style level...
  3. M

    4p mode help

    In my fan game of Bomberman, I have a 4 player mode. What I am asking is can someone tell me how to make it so that when there is one player left, the game will continue to the next room. Also if it is not too much trouble, please tell me how to do a victory screen with results.
  4. M

    Windows AI Help Please

    I just started a Super Bomberman fan game called Super Bomberman Z, and so far, I have 4 player mode in-tact. I just need some pointers on how to make the AI of the other Bombermen. I need the Bomberman to lay a bomb in front of breakable blocks, walk away from the bombs they lay, and continue...
  5. M

    Legacy GM Bomberman Help

    I'm working on a Bomberman game and I'm completely new to GML. I wanted to start with something simple and fun and this is it. But I don't know where to start. Does anyone know any good tutorials or would like to help? What I want to know are the basics, like: Movement Solid Collision Power...