1. Calvert

    Alpha Bombfield [A1.3]

    Bombfield: the explosive byte-sized action game! The field is constantly changing around you. Bombs are able to be manipulated, but their change of location is inexorable. Develop your strategy by choosing your stats, then collect treasures and disarm any bombs sitting in your way, or use them...
  2. S

    [SOLVED] How can I make limited attacks and change sprites?

    So for the past day I have been trying to figure out how to make a bomb attack but I had no luck. If you can, try to make this as simple as possible because im still new to gamemaker. What I need is that when you press 'spacebar' a bomb will place where the player is, and the sprite (used in the...
  3. 66Gramms

    Destroy every instances expect one

    Hello All! I'm making a shootemup and i'm quite a begginer in programming. So i've made a powerup system and now i'm making the last one the bomb. I think i'm going quite fine with it but i don't know how to kill every enemies without destroying them one by one. So i'm using collosion circle and...
  4. Misu

    Forum Game Another BOMB!!!

    The bomb from the previous gmc forum has recently detonated and you all survived within this forum......... OHNO! There is another bomb! And there is no escape! Quick! Stop the bomb before it explodes! TIMER 99