1. Fabseven

    Trouble with to move toward obj boarding game

    Hello devs, I am trying some experiences and testing how to create a rpg-boardgame Maked a big map, take a look : i am trying to make the player (in red) going through the obj_event (white) It's not quite good at the moment, after i press UP => the player is going toward the target (the...
  2. C

    Crux (Fantasy Board Game)

    Crux: Category: Strategy, Boardgame, Turn-Based, Multiplayer File Size: 3.6MB File Type: Zip GM Version: Studio 1.4 Download Link: Dropbox Game Information: Crux is a turn based strategy board-game inspired by Chess, Starcraft and Warcraft. It is designed to be a competitive 1v1...
  3. Misu

    Forum Game The Boardgame: TTRPG [0/4]

    Lets play a mysteriously odd and mystical adventure involving you and a group of people playing a boardgame with a story somewhere hidden through out the journey that needs to be unraveled. This is a simple Turn-Taking Role Play Game where you must established an action to see if you manage to...