1. M

    GML Circular movement

    Im developing a game AI where the npc has a fixed speed and all it does is change its direction by either adding or subtracting 5 degrees per time. Let say the npc is on some kind of checker board Right now im trying to figure out this, if the npc is at x1, y1 and it's direction is 90 (straight...
  2. MMM

    Asset - Demo Game Maker Studio 1 and 2 Demos

    I working almost 8 years in Game Maker and I did over 20 games. And I can safely say that the Game Maker is my most favorite thing in the whole world! Recently I decided to make a few Game Maker assets because I am getting emails constantly about how did I do this or that. And I simply cannot...
  3. W

    Code Won't Work, Please Help

    Basically, I am making a sound board app and I want it so that when you press on a button, it plays the sound and changes the instance. When I press the the button it plays the sound, changes the instance but it won't change back afterwards. Here is my code: if (audio_is_playing(snd_druggo) ==...
  4. MMM

    Asset - Demo Board game example

    Hi! I recently made board game example for GMS1 / GMS2 and uploaded it on a marketplace. This example contains dice rolling and moving figure on the game board (the figure is moving automatically when the dice is rolled). There are also fields on the board that will return you 3 fields back...
  5. Latahunden

    Android To Arms!! - a solitaire deck building fantasy game (Free)

    Google Play: 'To Arms!!' is a tiny deckbuilding game with a decent amount of depth, inspired by card games like Dominion, Star Realms and Thunderstone. What makes this different is the strict focus on single player and a design...