1. Anixias

    GMS 2 Better View movement?

    I have an issue that I've always worked around by allowing fractional view coordinates, although that distorts all of the artwork of the game. Basically, I have an isometric view and I set the view to the round() of whatever position I want it at. When my player moves cardinally, it looks fine...
  2. matharoo

    Question - IDE [SOLVED] GMS2 IDE became blurry

    SOLVED I'm stupid. I enabled both the blurry option and FXAA at the same time, and forgot about the latter. Just opened the graphics settings and realized that I had FXAA on. Turned it off and now it's back to normal. Original post: I enabled this option for some other app: After that...
  3. N

    Android [SOLVED] Blurry backgrounds

    Hi everyone! I've got a view with with width = 960 and height = 1280(the port width and height have the same values). I have background with the following dimensions: 960X6808(The background is scrolling vertically and I didn't want to make too obvious that it is being repeated). When I run the...
  4. TheOakNuggins

    GMS 2 How to Remove Motion Blur/ Jitteriness?

    I've always had this problem and I can't figure out how to remove it. I'm using very basic movement code, R - L = hspd etc. I've scaled the game already, it works at several resolutions. The recording shows the lowest resolution (which should be the crispest)
  5. S

    GMS 2 Scaling is Blurry for Text and Images

    Hello there, I am soon releasing my next game: PlayUSA onto the steam store but I am encountering some issues with scaling, whenever I scale the art gets very blurry which is very strange as I use vector art and in @RangerX scaling tutorial he says that but with no code, the game just ends up...
  6. Filipp_BSG

    HTML5 Crispy canvas in WebKit-based browsers

    *posting it into GMS2 subforum, but it occurs in GMS1 too* When exporting to HTML5 and scaling the canvas (for example, as shown in YYG tutorial), it looks pixelated on mobiles even with interpolation turned on. Although, you can remove the following line from index.html: <meta name ="viewport"...
  7. G

    Android All of my sprite got subpixels only on my phone!!! HELP D:

    Guys, I was making an android game but no matter how I resize or change how big and small the sprite are, there were still subpixels in my sprite! HELP I am sure that the size of all sprite is a whole number how do I fix these? and why the other doesn't counter this problem... Btw, the...
  8. Silversea

    Legacy GM Draw_text_transformed still glitched? Looking for alternatives

    There has been a strange problem for some time now where using draw_text_transformed causes text to become blurry. Here is an example of draw_text_transformed with no rotation, followed by draw_text below: Code example: draw_set_font(ft_example); draw_set_color(c_black)...
  9. F

    Windows Game Icon is Blurry

    I have tried to make a custom icon for my game. I created a 128x128 .png file, used an online converter to change it to a 128x128 .ico file, and set it as the icon. However, when I create an executable file (SRI), it is blurry (strangely, when I accidental created it as an NSIS Installer, it...
  10. maranpis

    GMS 2 blurry animations/movements

    Hello Guys i make a video in youtube: (watch it fullscreen please) As you can see when the player moves there is a lot of blurriness ¿how can i deal with that? info: -i'm using Spine animations. -the game is setting at 60 fps. - interpolate colors is off. - this is my camera and viewport...
  11. A

    Graphics [SOLVED](raster)sprites looks blurry in fullscreen

    In windowed mode it looks fine windowed.png But in fullscreen it looks blurry fullscreen.png I know that if you are using pixel art this can be fixed unmarking "interpolate colors between pixels" but with raster graphics it looks weird. In case its neccesary: the sprite size: 96x150 the...
  12. T

    Create blury transparent outline around sprite

    I was wondering if it would be possible to make a blurry transparent outline. What I mean is that the image has an outline thay is transparent but blury, so that everything seen through it that has a greater depth is blurry. Like to have a blurry glow effect.
  13. M

    HTML5 - draw_line is blurred *solved*

    I'm using the draw_line function to draw on a surfaces using the mouse as a pen. This works fine running the game on windows but running it in HTML5, the lines become blurry as if you are drawing with a brush in windows paint. I have this problem in firefox, chrome and internet explorer. Any...
  14. Lucky Bacon

    (GM6 game/windows) game gets blurry if window gets resized.

    Hello! I wanted to record a playthrough of a game, that was made in GM6 i think. It probably doesnt matter since it does that with other games. However, the window size is just too small, and i really want the best quality when i increase the window size. from 480x360 to 1440x1080, so scale of...