1. FoxyOfJungle

    Asset - Shaders Realtime Gaussian Blur Shader & Pause Menu (GMS 1.4+ and GMS 2.3+)

    With only 1 shader it is possible to make the blur effect realtime, it is a Gaussian effect and does not use two pass blur. With the other shader, it is possible to have more control and several settings (suitable for the Pause Menu). All code is fully customizable, and fully commented...
  2. gats1212

    Blur Shader on Transparent Image

    Hey guys. I'm using a blur shader to ehh blur layers that are closer to the camera. However this process is not working as intended because there are grey outlines. However I was looking why is this happening and I found that this happens because the blur shader is not intended for transparent...
  3. S

    GMS 2 Draw Blur Pixelize(Mosaic) on Sprite

    Hi, I want to draw pixelize blur on sprites with small area but I don't know how. Example : If sprite_index = spr_transform then draw(x1,x2,y1,y2,blur effect) on the top of sprite. Normal blur is ok, Pixelize or Mosaic are better. Please help, thank you :D
  4. FoufaDjo

    Shaders i cant get the shader to work ;c

    i fond a very good shader from a web site but when i put in my object the object become invisible xd can some one show me were is the problem or if u have better glow shader for sprites let me know ^^ : varying vec2 v_vTexcoord; varying vec4 v_vColour; uniform float sigma; // The sigma...
  5. E

    Blurry sprite movement

    I know this question has been asked many times, but I'm having great difficulty moving forward with my game. It seems that no matter what I try I can't remove blurring when my sprites move. I recently started a completely new game for testing with just one 32x32 sprite and simple code to move...
  6. F

    Legacy GM Shader issues with HTML5 in Safari/Silk

    Apologies - I posted a variation on this problem before, but having spent a couple more days working on it, I wanted to raise it again in a more coherent manner. I've been testing my game on various browsers, and found that the shader I'm using doesn't work on iOS Safari or Amazon Silk. It...
  7. V

    [SOLVED] Call external function in DnD

    Hi, I'm newbie programming in GMS2, really I'm using DnD. I've finished my first game and now it's time to distribute it. I'm going to publish it in BLUR app. This really needs very few steps for integration: 1. Place this rcode before the end of the </body> (closing tag) in “index.html”...
  8. A Random Creator

    Legacy GM Blurry screen when resizing the game window

    Hello everyone! Its been a long time sense I've been here, but maybe you guys can help me. :p My issue is actually pretty simple, but I can't find a way to fix it. My game window is set to 768x200 when the game first starts (because its a login menu which is not that big) the game window is then...
  9. L

    Player is little blurry when view moves horizontal

    Hi guys. I have a problem where my player is moving horizontal view works strange and player gets a little blurry. But if I set spd = 1 it goes normal, but too fast for me. I need floor number of speed but view ruins it. obj_player [CREATE EVENT] frame_delta = 60 / 1000000 * delta_time; spd =...
  10. N

    Blurry when moving

    When my character moves it becomes blurry. The faster, the blurrier. Is there any way to stop that from happening?
  11. A

    GMS 2 Graphic File Blurred or Shader Effect Blur? raster/vectors

    As assets start to really build up.. ...I'm beginning to pay a bit more attention to efficiency in file size and processor load in my game. i'm thinkingabout making vector images of a lot of my very simple shape-type graphics etc.. instead of rasterized ones etc.. that in mind.. i have a number...
  12. TheOakNuggins

    Question - IDE [HELP] How to Remove Motion Blur/ Jitteriness?

    I am fairly new to game maker 2 and just started a platforming project. Currently I'm moving the player by adding "spd" (which is an integer) to the player's x position. The pixels aren't distorted or anything, but anything that is moving relative to the camera blurs. If the camera is stuck in...
  13. Ayziak

    GMS 2 "Blurring" and individual drawn sprite?...

    So I've recently redone a bit of the shadows in my game to be more accurate. I've made it so that an object draws another object's sprite from the base and stretched it (with draw_sprite_pos) to dynamically match the light objects. (If my description wasn't clear, you can see it here: )...
  14. V

    how to stop blurry stretching

    Hi! I made 8x8 sprite of a circle and in create event i have this code: image_xscale = random_range(1,20); image_yscale = image_xscale; However it doesnt scale the image in the good way, it becomes blurry, and some parts even change collors! Please if someone knows a way to prevent that and how...
  15. T

    Create blury transparent outline around sprite

    I was wondering if it would be possible to make a blurry transparent outline. What I mean is that the image has an outline thay is transparent but blury, so that everything seen through it that has a greater depth is blurry. Like to have a blurry glow effect.
  16. T

    3D Blur around Sniper rifle scope.

    Hello, im working on a little project, i only started a few days ago and its going pretty well. Its a fist person shooter and i am trying to get a blur effect for the scope. my sniper scope is the second image and i am trying to get a blur effect around the sniper scope like in the third image...
  17. Lucky Bacon

    (GM6 game/windows) game gets blurry if window gets resized.

    Hello! I wanted to record a playthrough of a game, that was made in GM6 i think. It probably doesnt matter since it does that with other games. However, the window size is just too small, and i really want the best quality when i increase the window size. from 480x360 to 1440x1080, so scale of...
  18. S

    Motion Blur

    hello i would like help on motion blur, i have looked up tutorials and they dont work, they use surfaces and whenever i use "surface_reset_target" it says "you MUST apply surface_reset_target() for each stack, i would like to learn a different way of doing this, please help.
  19. XirmiX

    Legacy GM Any tips/coding structures on getting lighting going?

    I've benn hitting myself over the head with all of this lighting system mash. I checked out a few engines, looked at tutorials explaining how lighting and shadows work and how to implement them in the game, but nothing that could really help me get things working. What I have right now is...
  20. XirmiX

    Lights, Casters, Surfaces, Shadow blurs and the rest... A bit of a problem!

    So, after much research and look at some ways of creating light and shadows and some extensions, I thought I would settle on using the Light and Shadows extension in order to create my lights and what not. I read through the tutorial file and looked at the example file in order to get what I...