1. NeZvers

    Who writes blogs

    I love to open up YellowAfterlife or Zack Bell blog and find something interesting. So I thought to ask - who else write blogs with tips & tricks for gamemaker? I'd like to dig through yoyogames blogs but I don't like it's navigation.
  2. abianche

    Physics collisions with "Collision Group" 0 is not working

    Hi everyone, I followed this (old) tutorial for the physics engine: If you were to reproduce the tutorial (or just import the project provided at the end of the blog post), the objects won't collide with each other. There...
  3. Mike

    OFFICIAL TechBlog: DYNAMIC RENDERING MASKS So this is a quick one, but incredibly cool and valuable. When drawing to the screen (or a surface), most people only think about the colour, that is the red,green and blue channels, but actually there's also an alpha channel. Now it...
  4. H

    Can't program so here's a Scooter blog!

    Hello everybody! I have cubital tunnel syndrome and it's gotten pretty bad recently so I've been taking longer breaks from my computer so I can do my best to avoid having to get surgery. I also recently purchased a Honda Helix scooter and having been putting most of my time into that. For a...
  5. Mike

    OFFICIAL GameMaker Studio 2 IDE hints and tips, part 2

    A few folk asked from some more GMS2 hits and tips, so here you go!
  6. Mike

    OFFICIAL GameMaker Studio 2 - News letter #5!

    Hello everyone! Welcome to our 5th newsletter covering some of the new and upcoming developments going on in the land of GameMaker Studio 2.