1. WasabiHeat

    SOLVED Block object with "Auto Tiling"

    This is more of a logic problem than a programming problem, but I've been putting together a block building/destruction system and wanted the block's sprites to dynamically change based on where blocks (of the same type) were around it, just like how the auto tiler determines tile sprites or how...
  2. F

    Block walking diagonally

    Is there a way to block my character from walking diagonally? I just want that he walks to left, right, up and down and he already does it, but he also walks diagonally.
  3. K

    Windows More realistic lighting

    Current My Game Lighting : gif - Currently, the lights are on the player's head. However, fixed lighting is required. Also, I would like to change the angle of illumination with time. like real sunlight The room is very huge. view size is 960,540 and view hsp = 10 ...
  4. L

    How to generate a world?

    I have a what is a 2d, top down, adventure/exploration game in a 32x32 block style. My question is where to begin with creating a world? Currently with a small map I create a 32x32 instance at every point in the map, and then check its distance to other randomly placed objects such as...
  5. PlayerOne

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Pulling a Block/Crate?

    Self explanatory. Found videos on how to push blocks but not pull them. Just need to move the block on the x axis in the direction of the player. The code I'm using for pushing the block is this: if (place_meeting(x+hsp/2,y,obj_crate)) { var block = instance_place(x+hsp/2,y,obj_crate)...
  6. S

    Enemy floating trough solid blocks

    So I was trying to program the code for an enemy in a platformer game. I made it so if it touches the ground (obj_solid) it follows the player. So I added the gravity and the horizontal and vertical collision but it somehow still floats trough the ground. Any ideas? Here's my code: Create event...

    Legacy GM need help with platformer ice block

    hey yall, needing some help with an ice block, here is the code. i want my player to slide on the block. CREATE OF PLAYER: ///intialize varibles grav = 0.7; hspd = 0; vspd = 0; jumpspeed_normal = 8; jumpspeed_powerup = 10; jspd = jumpspeed_normal; speed_normal = 5; speed_powerup = 7; spd =...
  8. Bingdom

    Getting proper thruster orientation with COM

    Hello GMC! I'm currently working on a top-down block physics spaceship prototype. I've run into an issue where I'm having trouble figuring out a great way to activate the correct thrusters to effectively rotate the ship. I've got a working method, but it only works on certain designs. Here's...
  9. M

    GML Check if point in a (rectangular?) polygon

    Pretty much what I'm trying to do is have a player draw a line, return to base and have everything inside of that area fill to their own color. Here's a pretty drawing showing their base (the shaded 3x3 square), their line (the solid yellow) and the area that /should/ be shaded (the shaded...
  10. O

    Asset - Project Physics Based Block Ships

    Marketplace: Download .exe here: Price: $4.99 Footage: Create and fly basic physics based block ships similar to those found in games like Captain Forever...
  11. T

    Need help on blocking

    Hi everyone, I'm currently working on rpg game where your character moves in 8 directions and he is facing and attacking based on the position of your mouse form the character. I also want to make the character block, but I cant make the code to block properly. Here is how I want the block to...
  12. S

    Weird place_meeting glitch

    I want to place a block called obj_line in my level by left pressing, but before it gets created I want to check if there is any other instances already at that place. To do this I use the following code in the Global left pressed event: if place_meeting(mouse_x,mouse_y,obj_line) == false{...
  13. S

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] 3D Shapes not fully drawn on iPad2

    I'm in the very early stages of designing a new iOS game. However, I've discovered an issue when rendering a 3D cube. On my iPad2, some sides of the cube are not drawn. The attached file shows what a 3D cube looks like when rendered on both my laptop and iPad2. I created the 3D cube with 6...
  14. R

    Legacy GM Is there any way to draw texture like this

    I want to set model texture by draw all the sides into one background, and slice up to the different sides then set as the texture of the given side. Can I do this somehow?
  15. Dragon47

    Asset - Extension Water Physics - GM Studio 2 and 1

    Download demo: There's also a simplified demo: This lets you see your highest FPS potential. It's recommended that you download the other demo first. Marketplace link: This asset provides...
  16. spinout

    Android Game release - What I learnt - Facebook Integration MUCH more powerful than originally thought

    Block Dash Ninja The game is called Block Dash Ninja, and if you watch the GIF below you will see what the idea is. you rotate and move the blocks to form chains which remove them from the board. I released it on Android, but unfortunately don't have a Mac to release it on IOS. The game was...
  17. Z

    my character likes going through blocks?!?!

    im doing a drag and drop platformer i have tried nearly everything but i think the solution should be easier than i think only one kind of block really works.. my character just wont collide with the rest of blocks when i press right for example it gets inside the block and then i cant get out...
  18. Dragon47

    Asset - Shaders 2D Block Lighting (free)

    Demo:!AppH38QcoEBfiKVDIoupeQEdO57wLw (Version 2.0.0 finally released! Features much easier implementation.) This asset lets you implement 2D block lighting for your game. Although the included example also visualizes blocks, this asset's focus is on the lighting...
  19. Dragon47

    Asset - Shaders Autotiling Tilemap Shaders

    Download demo: http://www.mediafire...ders (Demo).exe This extension includes two shaders which autotiles and depth sorts your tiles in an instant. There's a collection of 5 scripts which makes it easy to use the extension. Usually you would organize your tiles and create edges and corners...
  20. nacho_chicken

    Free Simov

    Originally made for GMCJAM 15. [WINNER: Best Presentation] Simov is an atmospheric block puzzle game with light story elements inspired by Horror/Adventure games. Discovery is a big part of the experience. I hope you enjoy it! Screenshots: Updates from the original version include...