1. Null-Z

    Getting into 3D sculpting/rigging (reccomendations)

    Any recommendations for graphics cards between $100-$500? my on-board card can't run Blender. :\
  2. Bart

    Graphics Blender to GameMaker:Studio Exporter

    Blender to GameMaker:Studio Exporter (current release v1.0.5) Note to the moderators viewing this topic: I spoke with @Nocturne about this and got approval to put it here Introduction After quite a few years I am happy to announce the updated version of my Blender exporter add-on that I posted...
  3. Cameron Clark

    3D Collisions

    So, I am trying to make a 3D game with collisions that have you slide along the walls. For example, If a wall is to your right and you click the right key it stops. But, if the other keys are pressed, of if the view changes, i.e. the mouse moves, then the player will be able to slide against the...
  4. MaddeMichael

    Asset - Graphics [3D] MMK - Blender->GameMaker, fully animated 3D models, scenes and more

    Marketplace: Price: $179.99 introductory price which will increase to $299.99 later (Price may increase as updates come out) Available on, with an extra demo and alternate price! Basic Setup and Usage (Video)...
  5. D

    3D 3d blender model help

    im using gamemaker studio 1.4 and blender models using this addon for blender to convert the model into a .txt file that I'm using as a script. everything looks right to me but nothing is showing up ingame. below is the code im using //create event...
  6. FredFredrickson

    Free Model Viewer

    On occasion I've had a need for previewing 3D models in GameMaker: Studio prior to actually dropping them into my games, and so I've created a simple model viewer program that can do just this. The viewer mimics Blender's 3D environment and allows for some viewing options, like toggling...
  7. P

    Discussion [Guide/Project] Exporting from Blender to GMS 2 3D

    NOTE: This is for the BETA version of GMS 2, and things might change over time. Also, the script is not at all finished yet, but usable under certain circumstances. I will be uploading new versions and editing this post to accommodate them accordingly. NOTE 2: I am considering making some stuff...