1. Fredrik

    How to make a map that that 'opens up' as you go ?

    Hey! I'm wondering if anyone wanna help me with making a map for a dungeon crawler which opens up more and more as you go through the level (see images for example). I think I have some understanding on how to do some of it, but I'm not quite sure. How I think I'd do it would be to draw the map...
  2. CodeManu

    GMS 2 Save surface with the "correct" alpha blending

    Hey all! I've been trying to export an surface (via surface_save method) into a .png, but due to how alpha blending works on surfaces it gets tinted (towards black as I'm using draw_clear_alpha(c_black,0) to clear the surface). I know this is the correct behaviour, and that It can be fixed by...
  3. TinyGamesLab

    Graphics Exciting Environment

    GM Version: 1.4 Target Platform: ALL Download: N/A Links: see videos below Summary: A quick tutorial of a series on how to achieve a nice game feel by adding simple environment elements to your game. I was developing a melee tutorial and funny enough, I didn't like how unexpressive the...
  4. ProjectGamesInc

    GMS 2 Choose blend based on existing objects blends

    Hi guys, I have a room with random objects, every object will have a color, marked with a number (0=red, 1=green and so on). The player must destroy the objects with a bullet of the same color, the bullet change color every time you shoot. Here we have the script Now, you will reach a point...
  5. RhyminGarFunkle

    Question - IDE Store rather than blend colors in sprite editor

    A year and a half ago, I made a thread about getting back the color blend/replace dialog options, which have been in the sprite editor for every prior version of Gamemaker, in the sprite editor for GMS2. Staff talked about ways to duplicate that functionality, and I talked about how those ways...
  6. ProjectGamesInc

    GMS 2 Draw sprite over a portion of another sprite

    Hello guys, I'm adding to my game the possibility to personalize the hero with some "details" that you will unlock. Here comes the problem, i need to draw the detail over the hero (that will have different shapes and sizes) without having it go outside the hero sprite, in fact, i know that the...
  7. S

    [SOLVED] Subtract Blend Mode

    I'm working on an improved lighting system in my game. Footage: It looks good, I think, but I want a gradient circle. I used draw_circle_colour with both black and white, and I set the blend mode to subtract, thinking this would subtract a gradient circle from the black...
  8. Nathan Laing

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Drawing overlapped shadows, maintain alpha

    Hi all, I want to draw overlapped shadows, but without accumulated blending (I don't want the shadows to get darker as they are drawn on top of one another). Perhaps someone knows off the top of their head what blend mode might do the trick? I have looked at the blend modes documentation, and...
  9. R

    Legacy GM Blend two sprites by alpha

    hello! I want to draw a sprite, and on top of that another, but I want the second sprite drawn only where the fist sprite's has pixels, and cut where the first sprite is transulect I look into the manual, but I became more confused.
  10. I

    Help changing RGB sprite parts in game.

    I have a character sprite, also a red,green,blue layer mask for that character. so, I'm in need of changing the red, green and blue parts of the mask colors and merge with the base sprite, to give the appeareance of changing colors ... can someone help me with those ? i saw some things about...
  11. KorbohneD

    Trying to do day and night circle with lights

    I looked trough all those tutorials, but I could not find any that were for Game Maker Studio 2 and/or worked. The changing of the alpha works just fine, but there is absolutely no object lightsource that has a Glow on it. The Glow just won't show up. I tried all the different blend modes, but...
  12. Erayd

    Android / Amazon Fire Graphical Blinking

    I'm using a blend technique to switch pallets of sprites to make them blink or any number of other things. It's worked great so far, but when I put the code on to an android device instead of just on windows, I'm getting a few graphical issues. On windows everything is perfect, but when I go to...
  13. matharoo

    Discussion The ability to make your own blend modes

    While working with extended blend modes, I sometimes think that it would be really helpful if we could create our own. Like blend modes have 4 values to be multiplied with the R, G, B and A values, a function like this would be cool: var bm_half = blendmode_create(0.5, 0.5, 0.5, 0.5); Of...
  14. Nathan Laing

    Shaders Mix two textures, Tex B over Tex A with transparency

    G'day all, I've been mixing all night for the past week. Just can't get this done--would love a hint! I am passing in two textures to a shader. They each get various calculations along the way, but at the end I get the desired textureA and textureB as separate vec4s. Without disturbing the...
  15. RhyminGarFunkle

    Question - IDE Replace transparent color on same layer in image editor

    Is there any functionality similar to the "color mode: blend/replace" dialog from the image editor in GMS1? It doesn't appear that there is any easy way to, say, replace a couple opaque pixels with semi-transparent ones, or replace semi-transparent pixels of one color with another. If you try to...
  16. Geoff Moore

    Legacy GM Fade from image_blend to normal sprite?

    Hi all! I'm using image_blend=c_red; to colour my sprite. How can I make the red fade out over a number of steps to become the original, unblended sprite?
  17. David Richard

    Legacy GM Alpha Blended Surfaces

    I'm presently working on a project right now and am looking for a way to apply png transparency to a surface. When I draw everything on the same surface, there's no problem. BUT when I draw a surface on another, that's where I get the problem. I first fill my surface with fuschia (for example)...
  18. MilesThatch

    Legacy GM Blending Mode Combinations Comparison

    GM Version: GM Studio Target Platform: COMPARISON DEMO Download: Easy Comparison Demo for Blending Modes Links:NA Summary: I have found myself in need of using some advanced Blending Modes and I have had a bit of trouble understanding how they function. Especially the advanced usage of...
  19. T

    Legacy GM Adding and Subtracting Surfaces

    I've been trying to figure out how to use blend modes in a lighting system for a while, but I always end up getting helplessly lost. So here is what I am trying to do: I have 3 960 by 960 surfaces. I use draw_set_colour_write_enable(false, false, false, true) before I draw to these surfaces, so...
  20. P

    Clipping masks functionality

    Hey all! Here goes my first post on the new GMC! I need to be able to change the pattern of my character and it would make life so much easier if I could just draw the pattern within the white portion of my sprite instead of creating all sprites with all the patterns. Is there some blend...